Dream Team: Best Activities For Twins

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Raising twins is never a simple task. When they are restless, you could be in for a boat-load of trouble. Getting one kid to cooperate with you can take a whole lot of sweating, now imagine what two active kids would be like. 

However, the good news is that in order to get your kids in line, all you need to do is give them something to do. Kids love to have stuff to do and how best to keep your twins active than to engage them in some meaningful and productive activities. 

So, here are a few activities to keep your twins busy while you also teach them to work together as a team: 

  1. Board Games

There aren’t many board games that require only a single player. Most require a minimum of two players. So, if you have twins, teaching them to play board games could turn out to be good for them. There are educational board games that are bound to broaden their horizons whilst they have fun. This is one of the best ways to educate kids. 

Games like Monopoly that teach about money and acquisitions, Blokus; teaches math, strategy, sportsmanship, and patience. Great games such as Chutes and Ladders, Clue, and Scrabble are not left out either. 

Moreover, you don’t always need to play with them when you are busy because they can play with each other.

  1. Sing-Alongs

Sing-alongs with one child can be fun. But with twins, it’s super fun. You all take turns to sing rhymes and play instruments. Matter of fact, you could form a mini band complete with kids’ instruments and microphones and speakers. Turn your sessions into a concert. 

In addition, you never can tell whether one of them has a hidden musical talent that would come to the fore as a result of this. You might just help them develop their interest in music

Furthermore, you could even make a game out of it by taking turns to sing just each line of the song. The person who is not able to sing the next line correctly loses. 

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles are more fun to solve when we solve them with partners. When your twins practice solving puzzles together, it teaches them to learn to listen to each other’s ideas and work together. 

And since it involves active thinking, your twins would constantly be boosting their brain power and sharpening their wits. Puzzles improve problem-solving capabilities in players and then by exposing them to it at a young age, you’re basically helping to develop geniuses. 

Moreover, this is a great team-building exercise for them. They would learn how to work together as a team to smash odds that are stacked up against them. 

  1. Hide and Seek

Although hide and seek could be more interesting when there are more people to play with, twins can still play it and have enough fun. If they have their siblings or their friends around, it would be even better. 

This is a completely fun game that involves a lot of running around, so you’re basically keeping them active and fit. There are a number of other health-based reasons why you should allow your kids to run around too. 

And then if you’ve got some activities later at night and you need your twins knocked out early, this is a nice hack. 


  1. See-Saw

As only two people can play on the seesaw, it makes it a perfect activity for twins. It makes me imagine that whoever designed the see-saw probably had a set of twins. Moreover, it is enormously enjoyable and maybe there’s a little subliminal lesson to be learned here about needing other people.  

  1. Cleaning

Yeah, cleaning. Preferably nothing major, though. You could give them a spray bottle with some water in it and have them clean a surface. 

Teach them how to be clean and this is an ingenious way to show them that maybe making a mess isn’t always the way to go. When they have cleaned a couple of surfaces and it’s no longer so much fun, they would easily learn this lesson. 

You might need to supervise them, though, as kids can find creatively annoying(cute) ways to make a mess of things.

  1. Gardening

Gardening with your kids is a bonding activity for them. Dishing out little responsibilities in the garden is a great way to get your twins to work together. Moreover, gardening has some therapeutic benefits. 

Show your kids where the food that they eat comes from and how much work goes into making it and they just might come to appreciate the efforts of farmers. 

In addition, going out and interacting with mother nature, planting and watering and weeding can be a lot more fun than you’re envisaging. 

  1. Pretending to be Professionals

Kids have watchful eyes and sharp minds. They imitate the things they see adults do. So, why don’t you allow them to have fun with it? For instance, your twins could play doctor and patient. 

And of course, beyond the fun aspect, you just might be piquing their interest in certain professions. You should do role-playing with a whole lot of professions, and if you want to step it up a notch, some gear would be nice.  

  1. Bathing Together

You can let your kids bathe together. It’s fun when they splash water on each other in the bathroom. Twins love to play with water and this is one of perfect activities after some hours in the garden or a day of playing hide and seek.

Just keep in mind that you would be up for some cleaning after their baths. Also, don’t force it if they don’t want to bathe together, especially when they are growing up.

  1. Playing With a Ball

Having them pass the ball between each other is another great opportunity to make them work together. 

Kids may not be able to throw the ball with precision and proper coordination, but they would do a lot of running after the ball. In addition, this is a very profitable activity for your kids as well. 

This way, you’re keeping them active and out of trouble as well. And since this is a pretty tiring activity, you can be certain of having a quiet night. 

  1. Arts and Crafts

Nurture their creativity and imagination at a young age by letting your twins do arts and crafts projects. Creative hobbies offer lots of benefits, such as boosting creativity, confidence, and mood. They also teach plenty of important values, including patience, focus, and attention to detail. With so many arts and crafts projects to choose from, your little ones will never run out of fun activities to do. Start with easy projects that appeal to kids of their age. Your twins will enjoy making matching accessories with beads, slime balls, and various kinds of DIY decorations.

The Bottomline

Some of the activities that can be done by twins usually have a lesson or two to teach while they have fun. So, you’re inadvertently imbuing them with some of the most vital life lessons and hacks that there are to learn. 

And then, these are some innovative ways to keep them out of your hair for a while. If you need to supervise them, by all means, do. However, beyond supervising, you can relax and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet. 

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