How To Organize Your Kitchen

How To Organize Your Kitchen

When things are out of sight, they’re usually out of mind. This is why our kitchen cupboards can get so messy without us really noticing. Even when you don’t have a tonne of storage space, organising your kitchen cupboards can help rid yourself of clutter and allow you to access things more easily. Below are some ideas to help your kitchen cupboards get organized.

Use Organizers

It’s normal for us to just toss everything into our cupboards loosely. This leads to them filling up quickly and will cause a jam in no time. Plus it’s impossible to find anything you need when the cupboard is such a mess. Piling up food like this can lead to spillages. A food spillage in your cupboard creates the perfect food source for pests such as rats and mice, advises Glen from Diamond Pest Control who is a rodent expert in London. If you notice any signs of pests when cleaning out your food cupboards, call a pest controller before the problem gets worse.

Instead of having this scenario happen, break up your items into types and then organized them by use. You can use various kitchen organizers like spice racks to store your food in a more regimented way.

Keep Everything Visible

Anything you have stored in your cupboard should be visible. This is a principle that is used in pantry organization in general because the kitchen is the most important place you can use it. Things easily get forgotten at the back of the cupboard, pantry or fridge. This leads to them never being seen again until they’re in an inedible condition. Having everything where you can clearly access it and see it will help you to take better stock of what you have.

Deep Shelf Problems

When you have deeper shelves it can be difficult to keep everything you need visible. If this is the case then there are a few things you can buy to help you get organized and stay organized. Things like clear plastic bins that can be pulled out or some shelf steps where products at the back are more elevated than the ones at the front can be super helpful. Remember that the back of your shelves or cupboards should be dedicated to the items that you won’t need to use as often.

Replace Containers

Replacing any non-clear containers you have with transparent ones is a great idea for getting organized. Alternatively, you may want to label everything. This is especially true if you are using containers for other food to store something else.

Organizing the Fridge

As well as organizing your kitchen cupboards you should try organizing your fridge as well. The fridge is something that needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and food waste from building up. Older items should be moved to the front of the fridge so they can be used and not spoil at the back. Each time your fridge is refilled is an opportunity to do some organization.

Proper food storage is crucial to stop food waste. As fruits and vegetables begin to spoil they give off gas. This can lead to other products stored nearby to spoil too. Separate areas should be used to store different items and use reusable containers where you can.

Store any food that needs to be eaten quickly at eye level so you remember to use them next. Every time you open that fridge door seeing your must-eats will make it more likely that you will use them. Stick labels on them with expiry dates in bold numbers so that you’re reminded to use those products before they go off.

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