It’s Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

It’s almost that time of year again – the time for the annual spring clean. So this year, when you grab your mop and dusters, why not kill two birds with one stone and do some pest prevention at the same time. We spend winter all tucked away in our blankets and hidden away from the cold. And pests do the same thing, hibernating.

Then the spring hits. And with spring comes a welcome breath of fresh air. We look forward to lighter evenings, gentle breezes and the world bursting into colour again. We can also look forward to more appearances of those dreaded pests. When spring comes, we have to be on guard for everything that stings, buzzes and invades our home to cause us a real nuisance. If you experience a pest control problem this spring, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional pest controller to help you out. Another things you can do is prevention. It’s always better than the cure, so check out our top ways you can prevent pest problems when you’re doing your spring cleaning. We’ve enlisted the expert help of Catch-it Pest Control in London, who give the following sound advice in 7 easy steps!

  • Clean everywhere – Make sure you hit every spot around your home. Places like pantries, cupboards and wardrobes are the most forgotten areas of your home, and are the places most likely for pests to nest. Air everything out, make sure everything is fresh and clean so that no pests want to nest in their go-to spots.
  • Keep it tidy – Tidying is underrated when it comes to pest prevention, but it goes a long way. Putting food and clutter away removes food sources and hiding places for pests. The less temptation a pest has to enter your home, the less chance you have of experiencing a pest infestation.
  • Pick up after your pets – Feed your pets inside, not outdoors where pests have easy access to their food. Once they’ve eaten, pick their food up again so no roaming pests can eat or contaminate it when you’re not looking.
  • Suck it up – Vacuuming your entire home thoroughly and regularly seems like a hassle, but it will keep your rooms clear of pests. Regular vacuuming will also help you to notice the indications of pest infestations as early as possible, before it becomes a problem.
  • De-clutter Keeping clutter to a minimum and keeping everything hygienic cuts down on pest infestation risks. Wipe down all of your kitchen counters, wash the dishes after meals and remove rubbish daily so you don’t provide any food sources or breeding grounds for pests.
  • Check everywhere – Being proactive about discovering and preventing pest infestations is the way forward. Check the loft, the guttering and any air vents around your home. Don’t forget the garden shed and the garage too, making sure there’s no nests.
  • Seal it up – Any holes or cracks you’ve noticed while spring cleaning need to be filled and sealed. Don’t give pests easy access to your home this spring. Also be mindful of other pest entry points like open windows, cat flaps and gaps under doors.

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