Maternity Fashion 101: 5 Tips And Tricks

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Because of the changes your body goes through, dressing up when you’re pregnant can become a stressful chore. You’ll likely see yourself going through your closet for hours and realizing that nothing fits anymore. Over time, this can hurt your body image and confidence.

It can be difficult to find maternity clothes, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look good for the next nine months. Maternity fashion has evolved through the years, and pulling together attractive, comfortable, and budget-friendly pieces is actually achievable.

Follow these tips and tricks to look good throughout your entire pregnancy:

1. Never Hide Your Bump

Being pregnant is one of the greatest milestones any woman can achieve, so why hide that bump? Maternity fashion isn’t about choosing clothes that conceal or disguise your pregnancy; on the contrary, it’s about wearing pieces that flatter and showcase your growing belly.

Instead of wearing regular clothes two or three sizes bigger than your regular size, opt to invest in high-quality maternity dresses. These dresses are specially made for pregnant women like you and can accentuate your midriff while highlighting some of your best assets.

2. A Pair Of Maternity Jeans Is A Must

You’ll likely have several pairs of jeans in your closet right now, but as your bump grows, don’t expect that these pairs are enough. Your belly grows tremendously when you’re pregnant, especially when carrying twins or triplets, and continuing to use your old pair of jeans will only cause pain and discomfort.

You can remain fashion-forward during your pregnancy when you invest in a good pair of maternity jeans. This piece is one of the most essential pieces of your maternity wardrobe as you can mix and match it with various tops to create different looks.

Maternity jeans sold in offline and online stores today come in three designs: a full-belly panel cut, an under-belly cut, and a mid-belly cut. You might have to go through several trials and errors to find a type that’s perfect for you. And when you do, you can wear the pair every day until you give birth to your little bundle of joy.


Maternity Fashion 101: 5 Tips And Tricks

3. Love Colors And Stripes

It’s common for women to avoid wearing clothes with stripes, thinking that they’ll look bigger. However, this is an old notion, which should be thrown out the window. Wearing clothing pieces with stripes can flatter your pregnant belly and make you feel good. 

If you’re not used to wearing patterns, try a skirt or blouse with a simple stripe design. These pieces will accentuate your curves and show off your belly. If you’ve loved stripes even before becoming pregnant, invest in prints with little to no negative space. This design can distract the eye and even make you look slimmer.

Additionally, don’t be scared to embrace more colorful clothes. Contrary to popular belief, pieces in navy, gray, and black aren’t your only options when you get pregnant. You can wear maternity tops in bold colors to spice up your maternity jeans. Full-length dresses and maternity skirts in bright yellow and red are also great options in creating a casual, laid-back look. 

4. Stay Comfortable By Layering

During your pregnancy, expect your body to go through rapid temperature changes. One minute you’re sweating heavily, and the next minute you’re shivering. Protect yourself from these drastic temperature swings by layering different pieces.

As the spring and summer months begin, wear a lightweight maternity skirt and pair it with a sweater, so you’ll remain comfortable even when your body temperature drops. During fall and winter, wear a tunic and layer it with a colorful cardigan. If you feel too humid or warm, you can remove the cardigan and allow your body to breathe.

5. Be Careful When Choosing Fabrics

Choosing the wrong fabrics in your clothes can bring a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. As mentioned, your body will go through drastic temperature changes every day, and the wrong fabrics will only make you sweat more. In worse cases, these fabrics might even become the reason why you’ll overheat.

Regardless of the clothing pieces you decide to add to your maternity wardrobe, always pay attention to the fabric. It’s best to invest in pieces made of cotton, silk, wool, and linen as these are breathable and easily wick sweat from your body.

Avoid wearing clothes made from synthetic fabrics such as acrylic and nylon because these can irritate your skin and cause severe rashes. When looking for synthetic blends, make sure that more than 75% of the fabric is made from natural materials.

Being The Best-Dressed Preggo Is Easy

Pregnant women would often resort to wearing oversized shirts (often owned by their partners), thinking that they don’t have any other way to dress up. However, this is far from reality because pregnant women can still dress nice even when they’re carrying a child.

Follow the tips in this article and impress everyone you know with your maternity wardrobe. With these right tips and tricks, you can mix and match pieces that’ll help you become one of the most fashionable soon-to-be moms!

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