You Know You’re a Twin Mom When…

You Know You're a Twin Mom When

There are a few things that only twin moms will understand. We asked our community to finish the sentence ‘you know you’re a twin mom when…’ and the results are hilarious. 

You see another pregnant mom and assume she’s around 16 weeks but find out she’s full term ?

You hear “Aww! Are they twins?!? My sister’s cousin’s neighbor’s friend’s friend of a friend has twins.”

(Followed by a very long and detailed story of the twins they know of).

You’re asked “are they identical?” about your boy/girl twins.

They say “that was two for the price of one!”

WRONG. It’s 100% two for the price of two… the only thing they shared is their birthday and my uterus.

You’re asked “do twins run in your family?”

They do now, and in two different directions.

Your mind automatically doubles price tags.

When people ask how far apart they are and you reply “2 minutes”.

Their reactions are priceless!

When people automatically say “double trouble”, but you’ve always thought of them as double blessings.

When you use the word singleton.

Seriously. Who knew what that meant before?

You refer to the twin you’re not holding as ‘the other one’.

They respond to ‘this one’ and ‘that one’.

Grown adults ask how your children were conceived with a 100% straight face.

When they fight over one toy that you have two of.

You look and feel 98 months pregnant

People say “Oh twins? Nice. One and done!” like they know whether or not you want more children…

You have arms like a bodybuilder.

No, I do not need help with the other car seat, but thanks!

You can’t help but laugh at how easy it is to only have one new infant.

You go to sleep tired and wake up tired.

When you’re asked how you breastfeed them both and reply that you have two nipples ?

When you see someone with twin babies and warn them it can happen again…
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