Keeping a Clean Carpet With Kids In the House

It\’s a question most often heard by pet owners but parents with children also ask it quite frequently: how do I keep my carpet clean from all the mess they\’re making?

The simplest answer would be to get rid of the carpet and lay in a new type of flooring. Although we all know how lovely it feels to come home to a clean carpet underneath your toes instead of a cold, hard floor so that\’s not really an option for us moms. So what can you do?

A good place to start is by using your vacuum cleaner regularly on the carpet. Vacuum 2-3 times per week to get the best results while saving on the energy bill by not doing it every day. By doing this you will be making sure that dust doesn\’t get the chance to pile up in between the fibers of your carpet which in turn could lead to yucky insects and other unwanted things. Make sure you look carefully where you\’re vacuuming because kids tend to leave toys lying around. If you have twins you need to be even more careful, wouldn\’t want the twins to argue about whose toy it was that got stuck in the vacuum cleaner, would we now?

Two cute children and dog sleeping on the floor living room, covered with a blue blanket.

When you have twins you have twice the chance of something being spilled on the floor. It could be as simple as a glass of water which was standing on the edge of the coffee table but it could also be something more serious like fruit juice. Juice (and wine) tend to leave a large patch of color on the carpet. If by any chance your carpet gets ruined be sure to try this tool when calculating the size of a new one.

The first thing you need to keep in mind at that point is that you want to use white paper towels or a neutral colored towel to blot (not wipe) the stain. If you wipe the stain you will have a good chance of making the stain even worse. There are specific stain-removal guides for specific types of stain like wine, blood, mud etc. You can find all of these with just a click on the internet. It might be handy to make a list of all these guides and hang them on the fridge so you\’ve always got them on hand when it happens. Keep blotting the area until it\’s almost dry. The blotting is to ensure no spillage is left behind in the carpet as this can cause molding, browning, jute and other unwanted problems.

Kids as you know can create a lot of nasty smells, whether it be biological or by making a mess with food and sweets. If this is the case with your kids then you might want to invest in non-chemical deodorizers for your carpet which will also leave your carpet smelling lovely.

Regardless of how well you take care of your carpet, professionals will always do it better than you. if you do decide to do it yourself you\’ll be amazed at how much food and other things are actually still in your carpet. If you really want to take care of your carpet then it would be wise to hire professionals 1-2 times a year if you have kids and or pets. We can personally recommend the services of  Eco steam clean Liverpool Ltd, because they lead the way on eco friendly carpet cleaning in Liverpool.  We don’t have to worry about the kids staying out of the house when the cleaning is being carried out, why? because of all of the cleaning products they use in the house cleaning services are non toxic. In addition to carpets they do hard floors, rug, upholstery, sofa, couch, leather, mattress cleaning.

Once they\’re done with your carpet or upholstery it will feel as if you\’ve just bought it new.

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