5 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

5 Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet
Red wine is a very social drink. You will find it in tall, classy glasses at social occasions and house parties involving elite guests. Red wine, however, is rather notorious for the stains it leaves behind. It takes so little – no more than a gentle push to tip the tall glass over, but the stains that are left behind are notorious and very difficult to remove. If you have faced the trouble of having to labor on a red wine stain, this article may help you out.
  1. If the Stain Is Wet, Start Cleaning Up As Soon As Possible
If you find that the stain is wet, you must work on cleaning the mess up as soon as possible. First, drape a cloth on top of the spill and apply pressure to soak in the excess of wine left on the carpet. Now, gently remove the piece of cloth draped and add some salt. Do not worry as your carpet will not be coarse if you do this. Let the salt sink in and absorb the wine. Then, clean the excess and vacuum the carpet. For a smooth finish, you might want to repeat the process with the addition of a few drops of water. Do not allow any substance that can further worsen the stain to be near the carpet area. And now since you have a problem, be a little more careful with the unfinished glass of Cooling Wine.
  1. Use Some Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide
Of course, soap is a solution for all the good reasons. However, when it comes to carpets, hydrogen peroxide adds up to provide the perfect concoction for you. Add this mix to a cloth and let it do it magic on the carpet. Remember to clean up afterwards if you do not want your carpet getting coarse and sore.
  1. Use Some Vinegar and Clean It Up Quick!
Vinegar works really well. However, when using it, you need to exercise adequate caution. Ensure that the vinegar only manages to absorb the stain and not seep into and settle within the fabric of your carpet. If this happens, you stand the chance of ruining your carpet even further. Help the vinegar soak into a cloth or paper. Remove it and let the carpet dry.
  1. Add A Generous Mix That Helps It to Be Scrubbed Off
There are literally thousands of mixtures in terms of chemicals. However, you need to realize that not all of these are going to be nice on your carpet. If you plan to scrub this off, you need to ensure that the substance used to dissolve the stain is suitable for use. You do not want holes in your carpet due to all the reaction and scrubbing.
  1. White Wine for Red Wine Stains with Some Baking Soda
Baking soda in a mix of white wine surprisingly helps remove red wine stains. You need to ensure that the mixture in this case is perfect, because you certainly do not want to mess up the stain of one wine with another. Work the solution in circles right into the center, so you have a good amount on the carpet. Then wipe it off with a dry fabric. Red wine may seem to be unfriendly to your carpet, and if you think so, you are not wrong. However, the process of cleaning up the deep, dark stain left by it is not difficult. You just need to know the right elements required for it and you will easily be able to get it off your carpet. Talk about life hacks!
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