Multi-Functional Toys- FINALLY!

Its not often we get behind a crowdfunding campaign, but when we do it’s because we want to see it come to life. We discovered Niko’s Friends by chance, but after talking to the founder about his vision, we are excited to watch this company come to life.


What is Niko’s Friends?

It’s a line of toys that serve multiple purposes. Fun for the kids, and convenient for parents. So picture an awesome plush stuffed animal that will also turn into a backpack or carrying bag. THEN take it a step further and couple this with a mobile app and games. That means this ONE toy will serve multiple purposes.


What we love?


How Niko’s Friends looks – The super adorable design makes kids want to own it, love it, and keep it. It is also not a huge eye sore for parents when kids carry these every where.


Saving Money- Since Niko’s friends are meant to grow with your child and GO with your child. They last longer than the other toys that make your kids happy for 10 min and get tossed to the side.


Saving Space- Niko’s Friends help when you are traveling because you can take multiple things in the bag part of them, and have your children carry all their own things. This means that you as the adult are carrying half the things you used to carry AND this is ESPECIALLY important for twin parents who have to carry two of everything.


They will make our kids happy- Niko’s friends are the type of toys that will be fun to play with at home, and fun to take on the go. I feel like these types of toys are more of an investment than the toys that get tossed to the side.


We need more toys like this. We need toys that can serve more than one purpose and toys that are set to last. Niko’s friends are committed to making toys that serve more than one purpose.


The status of Niko’s Friends:

The prototypes have been tested and credited, and the concept is patented pending. What else? Well, they have also have agreements in place with reputable and reliable manufacturing partners, which are certified by Target, Disney, and Walmart.


Why you should contribute:

Well, it’s the only way we will all ever get to have one INCLUDING yourself. You will get to be a part of the success of this brand, and the reason it comes to life.


The goal is to raise $275,000 over the next 20 days.

Here is the link:

You will notice that each donor gets a reward for being a part of this venture. The coolest part is that OUR very own twin mom audience gets a special reward.  Any contribution over $50 will get a new stuffed toy/bag and a new accessory of your choice each year. Each year we will get the option of 2 new accessories or 2 new toys



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