How to Potty Train Twins

How to Potty Train Twins

Every parent knows that potty training is one of the most trying aspects of child rearing. From dealing with children who just aren’t ready, to those who are strong willed and refuse to even try it, nothing tests a parents’ ability or belief in themselves like potty training.  Now double that 2x, and you’ve got the makings of pure chaos and madness to an otherwise happy home. Here are some great tips from our twin parents on how to Potty Train twins

Settle on ONE way of training. If you need help selecting one, check out this great analysis of the different potty training methods.  I personally like the cold turkey approach.  No diapers (except at night) and no pull ups.  Buy lots of underwear. And by lots, I mean about a dozen pair per child.  Underwear are the making of “big kids” and should be celebrated as such! Every positive potty experience should be celebrated and reinforced.

Be careful not to frustrate your twins. This isn’t a competition between them, so be careful not to make it one.  Minimize negative experiences in front of the other. 

Allow your twins to be their own person. It’s quite possible one might take to pottying while the other is resistant.  Recognize their separateness even while training together.

Don’t expect the same progress at the same time with two unique people.  This will only frustrate you and them.

Duplicate everything.  Purchase two potties, two special packages of wipes, two batches of underwear (although allow each child to pick out their own favorites), and two sets of rewards. Each child needs to be recognized for their own accomplishments.

Don’t expect the kids to share potty time.  While some twins thrive on competitiveness, learning the potty is something each child should have the freedom to experience just for themselves.  Additionally, each child will probably need some “one on one” attention from Mom and Dad.

Demonstrate potty technique for children of the same gender.  Pay special attention to cleaning properly (front to back for girls) and handwashing.  Dads can teach boys how to aim and wash their hands too. 

Don’t worry if your twins are more interested in what the other is doing than they are in what you want them to do.  Twins have a unique bond with one another anyway, and the odds are they’re going to be curious about the others’ habits.  This is normal and might actually help them develop their own potty habits. 

While potty training twins certainly brings some unique challenges to the table, remember that basic potty-training principles apply as well.  Pay attention to your children’s cues, praise success, and be patient.  Another good idea is to keep it to yourself when you begin to train. 

Social media doesn’t need to know you’re training because everyone will have advice.  If you know other twin parents, perhaps reach out to them, but otherwise wait to share the news until your kiddos have mastered the potty.  It’ll save your sanity and probably make the whole process easier from start to finish.  Remember that you know what’s best for your kids

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