Leverage Your Parental Control Over Internet Use

Parental Control Software Now More Affordable With Norton Family Coupons

The advent of internet technology has brought a lot of benefits, but it is important to manage how it is used. This is more especially to children because there are certain things they should not be exposed to. One of the dangers internet poses to kids is the access to violence and pornography that might spoil their minds. There is also sexting that involves receiving or sending nude videos or photos through the internet. Cyber bullying has also been on the increase which targeting kids and teens. It can cause psychological problems or even make the victims commit suicide. There are also violent or unsafe online games that might have negative effects to the children. With all these dangers it is important to have parental controls in computers to boost their safety.

Parental Control Software And Why They Are A Must

Parental controls are very important because they ensure that your kids are safe from online content that might have negative effects to them. With the right parental controls it will not be possible for your kids to access some places on the web they should never visit. It is possible for you to prevent them from accessing information you think it is too mature for them. In addition, the controls ensure that your kids do not come across or interact with people who might harm them. This is necessary because there are many predators nowadays who spend their time online trying to find kids to hurt or cause other damage to them.

Kids are fans of online games, but not all games are appropriate for them. With the right parental controls, it becomes possible for you to ensure they do not access such unsafe and violent games. It is also worth noting that you cannot be with your kids at all times. The controls act as measures to ensure that your kids are safe even when you are not physically present to monitor when they are doing online. It is also possible to control who your kids can befriend online because it is through friendships based on falsehood that can spoil your kids and even turn them to be criminals. You can put parental controls on the router, operating system, ISP, cable box and other devices your kids use.

Norton Family Parental Control: Features and Coupons

One of the best software I have ever used is Norton Family. It is a software developed by Symantec Corporation and has the ability to protect your kids from predators and other harmful activities online. It has features that allow you track what your kids are doing online. It has location tracking features and also gives you options to block certain websites from being accessed. You can set up site content filters and even get reports and notifications of some of the unsafe behaviors that might have occurred. It also has time limits feature that allow you to set time limit your kid should spend on a certain site or playing a certain game. There is also app supervision that allows you to view and block the applications you do not want your kids to use. The Social Network Supervision lets the parents know the facebook profile of their children and how often the log in.

The list of features goes on and covers everything the parents needs to protect the family and the devices they use. As you might expect, such software comes with quite a high price tag. Norton Security Premium which includes the parental control as well, costs $70. With a norton discount coupon you can get a 20% off the initial price. Norton coupons are available for free online. There are several deals sites or technology blogs like Qetes.com which offer customer reviews and promo codes for software.

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