List of Five Baby Safety Hacks from a Twin Mom

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celebrating baby safety month with a list of five baby safety hacks for new moms of newborns, infants and multiples.

It’s baby safety month!

So why not share some of my favorite hacks, right?

Baby safety is something I honestly take pretty loosely. If you are looking for a super uptight mama list of how to make your home into a bubble, well, this ain’t for you. Sorry girl! If you are looking for how to hack your home into a functional, baby safe zone so you can let them run free? Then you have come to the right place!

I am what you would call a ‘free range’ mama bear.

I do like keeping my kids safe. And I have done a pretty good job so far if I do say so myself. Something I don’t do, however, is put so much emphasis on it. Kids are going to be kids.  They are going to learn and grow and I need to let them. I believe that it is my job as a mother and a parent to guide them in the right direction, help them back up when they fall, but that I must not keep a short leash or they will never flourish. Follow along for my five hacks in baby safety! celebrating baby safety month with a list of five baby safety hacks for new moms of newborns, infants and multiples.

Five Hacks for a Baby Safe House

Set it up safe

I was blessed (if that is how you want to put it) and moved into my new home right as the twins became mobile. So I knew what to put where and what to hide. The living room is my most hated room in the house because it is entirely baby proofed. The kids cant get to anything dangerous inside of it (yet anyways). While it isn’t decorated how I would like it to be, it is SAFE. Furniture is placed around the room and it hides all of the cords and plugs. TV is up high. TV stand isn’t top heavy enough to fall on them when they climb it. I have a baby gate spread along the windows on the wall so that they cannot touch them or the blinds. I put a lot of thought into the room because I wanted somewhere that they are 100% safe. A space for them to take over and me not have to worry when I run to the bathroom or make lunch.

Cover open outlets with duct tape

Yep. You read that right. Sometimes there are going to be outlets out in the open and your babies are going to find them and love them like their own. No clue why. I didn’t point out the outlets at all before they started licking their hands and poking them.

But now, here we are.

And I HATE those plastic outlet covers. I also tried special outlet protectors that slide over the outlets themselves but honestly this tape is what has worked the best. It might be an eye sore, but my kids are safe!

Keep doors shut

Even though I have a big open space for the twins, they still get antsy and want to explore. The best thing you can do then is to keep doors and cabinets shut. Well, until they learn how to open them up on their own anyways! When that time comes, turn to my Amazon Shop page where I have linked the top safety products!

Invest in quality baby gates

My hands down favorite baby gates are made by Regalo. You can find them all on Amazon here. Regalo baby gates are my favorite because they were created with mom and family in mind. They all have latching doors that require two hands to open, making it fairly impossible for baby to open on their own. The baby gates are also barred rather than grated, so baby can’t scale it either! Regalo has created many different options, including different colored options to match your home, as well as an extra tall one!

Improvise when you need to

Even with the best preparation you will never feel safe enough.  But there are always ways to improvise. For more baby hack ideas check out Bitsy Bug Boutique I am often known to rearrange living rooms to accommodate my twins. I always move the room back, but in the mean time their safety is key. When at someone else’s house, I will push ottoman’s in front of outlets, door ways, ect. At my moms house, I actually move her couches into an L shape and block the rest with other furniture. It is a lot of work and some places won’t allow for it, but just keep an eye out. If you can shove your diaper bag in front of an outlet to block it off, that will work at least in the mean time.

Do you have any other baby safety hacks to share? Did I bring up a few new ideas you hadn’t thought of?

I would love your input down below in the comments! Happy baby safety month! Lynneah is the mom behind Twins and Coffee, a motherhood and Lifestyle blog based out of the Portland, Oregon. She is all about iced coffee, baby snuggles and taking control with your hands full.
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