Making Math Easy and Fun for Your Kids

Making Math Easy and Fun for Your Kids
The subject of math is usually enemy #1 with kids. Basically, you can do just about anything and your kid will still hate it… and then hate you! Given the fact that it’s a delicate topic, we decided that we would face it head on and talk about making math fun and easy. Sounds to good to be true? Well lets talk… Take the fact that your kid is probably obsessed with his/her phone or tablet, and think about combining that with math. There are super smart developers who thought about ways to make math a game. This allows kids to absorb what they are learning without even realizing that they are facing (and conquering) enemy #1 right in the face. We went through the app store and found a few good ones that you should check out.

Math Manimals

Math Manimals - Making Math Easy and Fun for Your KidsThis is great for kids that need practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This game has different difficulty levels which may be selected by the child as per their age group. Children will find themselves helping their manimals dodge flying objects while avoiding other obstacles on their way to the end of the game. Download here

Math SpaceMath Space - Making Math Easy and Fun for Your Kids

We read some really great reviews about Math Space. Kids get to choose their own spaceship to fly in outer space and once they have solved enough equations, they can unlock new spaceships.  Overall, your kid will enjoy the cool graphics and they also get to solve numerous equations and the concepts of math are easier to retain Download here

Math Racer

Math Racer GameThis one is great for kids that need a constant challenge and more engagement to stay interested. It’s a bit more fast paced, and it motivates children to solve various equations. The faster they solve the addition problems, the quicker they will be able to unlock new race cars by collecting coins for correct answers. Download here These apps provide a path to learning and make it fun. It’s a win/win!  
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