Managing Visitors After Bringing Home Twins

If you\’re feeling more anxiety about going home with your double blessings than you were about giving birth to them, you\’re not alone.  You may not be able to control the behavior of your family and friends (who “just want to help!”), however, there are some specific tips that may help you minimize the chaos.


Communicate In Advance

 Talk to the people you are closest to before the bundles arrive.  Express your wishes clearly in a way that doesn\’t offend them but may inspire them think of ways to make it easier for you.  For example, if you\’re chatting with a sibling, you might ask them for their advice about how to talk to “Mom” about your need for privacy when the babies come home.  No harm done.  You have let them know too, but in such a way that they may even say “no worries, I\’ll talk to Mom for you.”  That\’s just an example, but you get the idea.


Recruit Daddy\’s Help

 He knows his family, and he can be a tremendous help.  Discuss your concerns about being overwhelmed by “the family” while trying to adjust to caring for the two new helpless humans he helped you create.  Chances are, he shares your concerns and will be willing to handle his side of the family.  If he needs advice, help him out.  It\’s a team effort!


Recruit Technology

You can use social networking technology to create a place for those dear (and not so dear) to “virtual visit!”  Creating a simple Facebook page just for baby and family updates can save you an incredible amount of time.  You are in control.  Use this platform to post updates and pictures to everyone near and far. You can even use it to coordinate “real” visits at times that work best for you.  Consider it your family “Command Center.”





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