Twin Baby Sitter Barbie. Why its Worth More

Twin Baby Sitter Career Barbie
Twin Baby Sitter Career BarbieI have to give Mattel a little shout out for making a Twin Babysitter Barbie under their “Career” line for girls. I don’t love how short her skirt is,…but hey at least Mattel didn’t leave Twin’s off their list. The Barbie Careers  line is meant to show girls they can “be anything they want,” and “achieve all of their dreams.” You wouldn’t think that being a Twin babysitter would fall in the same category as Doctor Barbie , Nurse Barbie, or Chef Barbie, but believe it or not the Twin Babysitter Barbie  (which is already listed at a higher price than most of the other professions Mattel has created for Barbie) is one of the only ones that are sold out almost everywhere. Not only are they sold out, but if you want to buy one you can find it for more than double the price on other sites. Thats right- people are paying MORE THAN DOUBLE to have Twin Babysitter Barbie. The cheapest I found the Barbie Careers Twin Babysitter Doll was on Amazon for a whopping – $63.99 Other sites have actually had it for closer to $80+ shipping. I had to do some research on this, because I thought to myself “there is no way little girls all over the United States are dreaming of growing up to be a Twin Baby sitter…or are they?”. It seems so random, right? After reading many reviews, I found that a lot of soon- to- be Twin parents are using this as a tool to help their soon-to-be older sibling adjust to LOVING the idea of taking care of Twins. I don’t know if that was the intent when Mattel first made this Barbie, but it is genius. One reviewer wrote:  “I got this for my 5 year old daughter to get her excited about her Twin brothers due at the end of the year. It worked great, as she started to look forward to feeding them, putting them to sleep, and even changing diapers.” Of course there is the downside of also grooming our Twin older siblings to think that a baby sitter should also look and dress like the one here, BUT again its Barbie.   *Update since this article was published it seems to be sold out everywhere.   Twin Baby Sitter Career Barbie
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