Microblading: Before and After Care

The technique of microblading has grown quite a lot in the past years. With the rapid improvement in the permanent makeup sector, many people are getting it done. Not only this, the number of microblading artists has increased too. All of us desire for the perfectly shaped bushy eyebrows. But in order to achieve them, there is a lot to work on it. Many times it is not always the right option to try for everyone. Microblading can help you achieve the perfect look in seconds. But if you have a sensitive skin, then it is a clear no for you. Some facts Since you will want to achieve the perfect look, you will go about searching for the perfect microblading artist for yourself. Nonetheless, hiring an expert microblading artist for your job can be pretty expensive. Also, know that the microblading costs usually vary depending upon the artist you choose. Microblading can be a painful procedure, so it is not for those who cannot tolerate pain. After you are done microblading eyebrows, aftercare is one of the essential points. A proper aftercare can help you have shaped eyebrows that last for as long as three years. There are various numbing creams available in the market that can contribute to easing the pain.   What is the best numbing cream for microblading? If you tend to determine which the best numbing cream is, it will all depend on your skin type. Some people have closed, while some have open skin. So, the choice of numbing cream varies from one person to another. Sometimes, it may be tough to find one perfect numbing cream in the market if your microblading artist hasn’t recommended you one. Also, sometimes you may be in need of a medical guidance.   There are various numbing creams available in the market. The price of  numbing cream usually would depend on the brand you choose. Most of these brands are reputed and will help you achieve fine results. However, if you are going to get a strong microblading numbing cream, the price will be expensive. Nonetheless, the creams you get easily may not be very effective. You may find a number of these creams in the online as well as the offline market. In the online market, you can check eBay and Amazon. Some of the efficient microblading numbing cream includes Zensa, Numpot Gold, Tag #45, and many more.   How to take care of your skin after microblading? The process of taking care of microbladed skin is similar to tattoo care. Nonetheless, the process of it aftercare is more crucial. Just after the microblading treatment, the pigment would become dark and skin will turn red. Make sure to dab the area with wet cotton after two hours. You should ensure that proper sterilization is made. This will help to prevent the accumulation of dye and keeps the area sterilized. The healing period of skin varies from 7-14 days.   To take care of microblading eyebrows, you should make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips  
  • Prevent the area from getting wet for at least 10 days. You should keep your microblading eyebrow covered during shower.
  • Avoid using makeup because the pigments need time to get through the cut. These may hamper with the pigment and prove to be harmful to your skin.
  • Avoid itching the eyebrow area and avoid the scabs as well as tugs.
  • Avoid the hair from coming close to your microbladed eyebrow skin.
  • Until the skin has completely healed, you should avoid going for sauna, swimming or any activity leading to sweating.
  • You can apply microblading numbing cream as per the guides of your microblading artist.
  How should you maintain it? Once you have done microblading, you will need to visit your artist regularly for touch-ups. At Avant Microblading, you can get your touch-ups done after an appointment. Most of the time during touch-ups you are given pigment outlining. You should take care of skin even if it feels that it has healed completely. You can use sunscreen to avoid fading. It is a permanent cosmetic procedure and will eventually fade. You may get the process done once again after two years.   If you are getting it done for your eyebrows, you should make sure to do it from an expert. Make sure the person has a certification. Getting it done from a reputed place will ensure quality results and optimum care.
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