On a day of 2s, a Lakeville Family Celebrated the Birth of Twin

Lakeville Family Celebrated the Birth of Twin

On a day of 2s, a Lakeville family celebrated the birth of twin babies. On Tuesday, Heather Xavier and her spouse Pedro welcomed twin boys Kaiden and Karter at Brigham and Women’s Hospital after three weeks of staying there. Although the new parents had expected them to stay closer to their April 22 due date, the boys had their own path to follow and one of the more than 20 nurses and doctors in the room during delivery appeared to understand it as well. “I was in labor for 30 to 34 hours so they decided to be born today,” noted Heather. “Then one of the nurses said can you imagine if they are born on 2/2/22 and O just said, ‘I want them born now. Twin boys on a Tuesday.” The two children are in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit, where they and their parents are doing well, according to hospital officials.

Other couples heard wedding bells on Tuesday instead of a baby’s first cry. According to David Buono, owner of Spinner Music Productions, some couples enjoy the symmetry of the date while others see it as a spiritual commitment. “Means a lot to them — they will book a wedding regardless of the day of the week Monday Tuesday— just to have that date,” he shared. The event planning and production firm celebrated four happy couples that night.

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