PROSPR Planner – Why I am obsessed

PROSPR Planner
I am obsessed with planners. I usually take the time to read reviews, and flip through the pages online so that I pick one that I really like. I know its sounds crazy, but for me, choosing a planner is a commitment. Will it fit in my purse? Will it fit my super busy schedule on each page? Now that I have found my new favorite planner, I thought I would take the time to write my own review. I think the PROSPR Planner is made just for me. Maybe you too, but we are talking about me right now. It’s not just a planner… but a LIFE planner.   As a super busy mom, and as an entrepreneur I am a goal setter, a list maker and a problem solver. With that, if you were ever to look inside my head you would see an abundance of chaos and anxiety. My usual method of “organization” looks something like this. Planning on Papers   I am really excited that I found a solution to help me stay focused an organized.

What I love love love about the PROSPR Planner– let me count the ways.

For one, the planner is made with a super high quality, extra durable cover. This is important because I am usually shoving it in a purse along with crackers, kid shoes, and leaky sippy cups. I need durability in my life. The PROSPR planner comes with the intent to help with goal setting, and keeping one focused on the positive. With that it has areas designated to help keep me on track. For example, The Vision board – I LOVE THIS SPACE. It’s an area dedicated for me to put my vision together using pictures, words, stickers…etc. This is an area for my BIG vision. What do I want to accomplish as a whole? Each day I can go through the calendar to set my daily intentions, along with my regular “to do” action items. PROSPR Planner There is also an area for me to reflect on family time. I love this, because its easy to lose site of the little things when we get so caught up with work and the daily balancing act. When I get to this area in my planner I usually smile, because I get a moment to run through all the cute/fun things I did with my kids during the day. PROSPR Planner 2

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude…

One of my absolute favorite things about the PROSPR Planner is that it serves as a gratitude journal as well. There are areas designated on each page titled “Evening gratitude” and it\’s meant to serve as an opportunity to reflect and appreciate. It’s a great way to end each day with a note of what we have in life to be thankful for. As a side note, Oprah attributes much of her success to always having a gratitude journal. The Prospr Planner is the perfect solution for moms, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who is goal focused.   Click here to buy it on amazon:PROSPR Planner PROSPR Planner
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