I am not a Victim… I am a Survivor


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  1. Misty 6 years ago

    This is amazing. Keep your head up Warrior Princess.

  2. Jessica Gregory 6 years ago

    Your an awesome mother, a great friend and a beautiful person. Your a super mom. Love you girly

  3. Lil Ney 6 years ago

    Your an awsome woman and mommy I’m glad to have a wonderful and strong person like you in my life Lil sister… I’m here always and forever!!

  4. Mikala 6 years ago

    You truly are amazing and an inspiration to all but most importantly your girls keep fighting the good fight mama much love and many blessings xoxo

  5. Neil 6 years ago

    Danielle, I understand everything you said here, and you deserve the best for you and the girls for the rest of your life. Sometimes, life can be the best learning lessons you can receive. I don’t know very many people that could have survived they way you did. You are a strong women and I’m sure you are just now realizing, how strong you really are. I wish only the best for you and the girls, honestly Danielle. Those girls are beautiful, and I hope that in the future, you will be able to decipher the good guys from the bad. I can’t help sounding like a father, because I am one, and now almost a great grandfather. When I’m gone in life, you will still be learning more about life. Your girls need a great man in their lives, but that’s completely up to you. I only wish the best for you, and you are a great women, in all ways,? Neil

  6. Kenisha Joy 6 years ago

    I have now read this article multiple times. I know you are a strong courageous person and those girls couldn’t have been blessed with a better mother than you. You my dear are a definition of a supermom! You and your family will forever be connected to mine. I love you and keep up the extravagant work!


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