Renovating Your Home While Pregnant

Home renovation can be a daunting task. When you’re expecting new arrivals, the stress levels are undoubtedly doubled. 

You’ll want minimal disruption, especially when you remain living in the house during the refurb. This article looks into tips to help you plan the project before you take action.

Top to Bottom Approach

Ideally, you’ll want to plan your upgrades for the new additions well in advance. The Dominion Roofing Company experts suggest that you start with a review of major structural items, such as a roof inspection. 

Follow a top to bottom approach and examine your roof and building to eliminate problems before these become significant concerns. Small items like missing tiles or damage to the structure become major entry points for moisture or water.

This ultimately leads to ruined insulation and structural decay, delays, and expanded costs. Not something you want to be faced with after a beautiful interior upgrade, with newborns around.

Stay or Go?

You should also take into account whether you’re staying in the house during the build. The kitchen is often the hub of the home, so consider if yours will be impacted. Then decide how and if you’ll cope with a make-shift version.

A recent Houzz Kitchen Trends Study revealed that 66% of those remodeling opted to remain living in the house. Moving out and staying with family may seem like less hassle; however, 23% regretted it. 

Contractors may also work faster with fewer interruptions, so consider how they can work ‘around’ you if you opt to stay.

Consider the Season

Renovating in spring or summer is more practical. Especially if you are remaining on-site during the upgrades, you’ll be able to open doors and windows most of the day for fresh air and ventilation.

You can spend time outside, have picnic-style meals or barbeques in the garden while the kitchen is under construction. Plus, you can give yourself a break from the building site and include fun outings outdoors.

Take major holidays into account, too, as these will impact days the workers are not on site. It will affect your project timing and, ultimately, your budget for overtime.

Most importantly, twins can come earlier than anticipated. Build-in an ‘extra time’ buffer to ensure you’re entirely ready for premature arrivals.

Visual Inspiration

Visualizing the result helps you cope through noisy and dusty days. Create a mood board to help you conceptualize and draw inspiration from decor designers.

Visual aids also help you remain focussed. Constant or last-minute changes impact your time table, the budget, and most likely frustrate your contracting crew.

Positive Planning Power

There’s no such thing as a completely stress-free build. Despite your worst fears, renovating when expecting can run smoothly. A plan avoids panic and brings some calm into the chaos of a duty building site.

Get the property inspected from top to bottom, consider moving out to allow things to run smoother for the contractors, and plan the renovation to maximize the climate and potential downtime. Follow our tips to set you on the right track to welcome your new bundles of joy into the home of your dreams.

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