Dex Baby Day Dreamer

You would think that I actually had stock in the company that owns Day Dreamer Sleeper
because I sing about it from the rooftops. We had our twins for two months before we discovered the Day Dreamer Sleeper

One of the things that we are told as twin moms is to “feed both babies at the same time.” Well thats great, but when you can’t burp them at the same time, you have one baby sitting uncomfortably or projectile vomiting. The day we brought these home, we never had projectile vomit again. It is because the incline is PERFECT

Propping Bottles with ease

Propping Bottles with ease

Here are some bullet points benefits

  • Babies can sleep in these for months before moving into the crib
  • Helps with reflux
  • You can feed the babies without bending over and hurting your back
  • You can prop bottles because of the incline
  • These spot clean VERY easy, and every once in a while you can put the cover in the wash
  • Also great incline for feeding solid foods if babies are not fully sitting up
  • They are also built incredibly well. I would say it is like investing in quality/functional furniture
  • Oh, and helps take super cute photos when you don’t have another person to help
You can rest your back against a couch and feed them easy

You can rest your back against a couch and feed them easy

  • 2016-03-28 11.47.07

    I mean really cute photos


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