Safety Tips for Parents Whose Kids Walk To School

Traffic is usually highest before and after school especially if it is combined with people who commute home from work and travel to different parts of town. Oftentimes, they are in a hurry to get wherever they are going. Unfortunately, that typically means that they aren’t paying as much attention as they should to whether or not there are any pedestrians in the area. This is particularly true for children, who are a lot shorter than adults. After the sun goes down, visibility is drastically reduced, making it a lot less safe for kids walk to school. The tips below, which are provided through the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Prevention Program can go a long way toward helping you and your children stay safe when walking after dark. If the worst does happen and your child is involved in any type of accident than you should connect with a lawyer who specializes in accidents and hit and runs like the Law office of Michael R. Herron   Choose Brightly Colored Clothing Dark colors can easily blend in with the surroundings, making you a lot harder to see after dark. Choosing clothing that is light or bright colored can make a big difference in how visible you are. Colors like yellow and white or great options. You may even want to wear reflective clothing. There is a reason why helmets, bicycles, and safety vests all have reflective elements – they do a great job of keeping people safe. If you add reflectors to your clothing, you can be seen in the headlights of a vehicle from a distance of as much as 500 feet.   Don’t Walk on the Road Drivers aren’t watching for pedestrians on the roadway. Instead, they expect them to use the sidewalks or crosswalks. Avoid roads that don’t have sidewalks if at all possible. If you have to walk on one of these roads, walk as far over on the shoulder as you can. Instead of walking with the flow of traffic, walk against it so that you can see the cars that are coming toward you. This can help you identify drivers that may not see you or your child on the side of the road.   Pay Attention to What is Happening Around You Anytime that you are walking near traffic, it is extremely important to pay attention to the vehicles around you. Keep an eye out for cars that are backing out into the street, turning into a driveway, turning around, or stopping. Don’t walk out into the street between cars that are parked on the side of the road. Always approach the street slowly rather than stepping right out into it. Teaching your kids good habits starts by demonstrating those habits yourself. Every time you are around traffic, remain alert and proceed with caution.   Review Basic Safety Tips for kids walk to school There is a lot to be said for basic safety tips like looking both ways before you cross the road. Whenever you cross a street with your child, talk about what you are doing, telling them how important it is to look to the left, look to the right, and then look back to the left one more time. This will teach them how to safely cross. Make sure they hold your hand every time you cross the street. Finally, remind them that they should never run when crossing a street.
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