Sell Your TWIN Gear and Make Some Money-

Sell Your TWIN Gear and Make Some Money-
Lets face it- your kids grow out of their baby clothes so fast, that often times you will end up with outfits that have only been worn once, or clothes that still have tags on them. This is why I am super grateful that I discovered Twinѕbаbуbаrgаinѕ.com is an online consignment boutique specifically for twins and multiplеѕ. All clothing is extremely reasonably priced and prices always reflect the cost for two outfits.  Not only do they take clothes, but they also take accessories, nursing items, toys, bedding, furniture… you name it!! So now you can clear out your kids closet, and make some of that money back while also helping fellow twin moms save in the process. I have to add that as a stay at home mom, it feels really good to contribute in some way financially. My twins are 20 months old, and what I do is sell their clothes on TBB, and then I use that money to buy the next size of clothing they need. There are two ways to sell through Self-Serve:
    • Go to
    • Create a seller account
    • Login and list your items with photos and short description
    • You get an email notification when an item of yours sells, and then you ship it out with a FREE pre-paid shipping label provided to you by TBB
    • Once your items have shipped, they deposit your earnings into your PayPal account
    • Note you keep 80% off the profit with the self-serve platformSell Your TWIN Gear
  For those of you that find yourself waaay too busy to manage your own listings, you can use their super convenient Twin Baby Bargains Butler service. Twin Baby Butler Service:
  • Request a FREE Butler Bag
  • Once the bag arrives you fill it up with all of the things you want to sell
  • Close the bag, and drop it off at your nearest UPS or Post Office – WITH NO FEE, because TBB has picked up the postage already
  • Sit back and let your butler post your items and sell them for you
  • You will get an email notification when things sell and money deposited into your PayPal account immediately after a sale occurs
  • Using the Twin Baby Butler service you earn 50% commission on your sold items
Personally, I have tried both and they are both great options depending on how busy I am at home. I love the ease of the Butler service. I feel like I don’t have to worry about each individual piece, and more importantly I don’t have to store the items until they sell. However, when I find a spare moment within twin mom life (ha!)- I do actually like to use the self-serve option because the platform is pretty quick and easy to use, the commission rates are great and I get to have more control. Side note: I am a control freak. So with that said, I can’t think of any reason not to use In fact, I might actually be their biggest fan.        
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