Teaching Kids to Train Their New Puppy

Every kid wants a new puppy. We know this! BUT – As parents we also know that it is just more work for us. If we can endure the early stages of training a puppy, or even better teaching our kids to train a puppy than we are golden. The first few days with a puppy is when you need to immediately start implementing these set behaviors, so that they last a lifetime.

Kids may not realize the importance of training a puppy so it is important to let them know that training not only promotes good behavior, but keeps our dogs safe too.

For example- training a puppy to come to you when you need him to. This is important to avoid street danger, pool danger, people danger…etc Luckily training a dog to come to you is one of the quicker/easier things to teach.

Understanding Rewards

The first step in training is to identify a reward, be it a squeaky toy, a treat or a game of tug your puppy enjoys. Once you’ve found that irresistible lure, reserve it for puppy training. I would make sure that your child is clear that these are ONLY rewards. Not something that should be given freely for nothing.Treats are a basic part of how to train a puppy and they will need MANY treats after repetitive good behavior so you want to make sure it is also something small.

Game of Stop and Go

Your child probably has way more energy than you do so this is a perfect game between your puppy and your kid.  Find a quiet time when there are no distractions so the puppy has to focus on you. Get the puppy’s attention. Call their name, and show puppy the reward. Once you have puppy’s attention, say your puppy’s “Name” followed by, “Come!” Then just before he gets to you say “Stop” This activates your puppy’s natural instinct for play, but also lets him know that he has to stop when you tell him stop.Praise your puppy using a positive, happy tone. Follow this with lots of pats, so puppy you are pleased.

Repeating this over and over will also tire out your kid and the puppy. I call that a win/win.

Teaching Commands

Next, repeat, “Sit!” while stationary in one place. Get your puppy’s attention. Then say your puppy’s “Name”, followed by, “Sit!” and wave the reward. Each time the puppy responds properly on command, he gets a treat.

Once puppy knows “Come” “Stop” and “Sit”, step your puppy training up. Try calling “Come” when your puppy is playing. Try “Come!” in different places, in your yard or in the park.

Puppies are playful and curious so teaching these commands are  important. This will also make moms job a lot easier. Always reward your puppy whenever your puppy obeys “Come.” You want your puppy to have a positive association with “Come”, so your puppy will never be afraid to come to you.


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