Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

Trick or treating is a lot of fun, but as any parent knows it comes with its own worries. Keeping kids safe when trick or treating is something to take serious. Some things to consider:

1. Have a Plan  
Planning out your path ahead of time is the best way to avoid any surprises. When deciding on a route, think about how old your children are and how far they can realistically go without getting tired. It also makes it easy to find each other if anyone falls behind or gets separated.
2. Check all of your Candy
Look closely at each piece of candy, looking for signs of tampering. Throw away any questionable pieces as well as any homemade treats. Only allow your children to eat candy that is wrapped in its original packaging. Choking on candy can also be an issue. Remove any pieces that could be problematic for your child.
Alternatively, you can swap your kids candy for home-made treats for your children to have. If you have a sweet tooth and you want to treat them then you’ve got to try these brown butter pumpkin spice madeleines – they’ll love them!
3. Light your way.
Bringing along a flashlight is a great way to keep injuries from occurring. Try putting pieces of reflective tape on everything from your kids’ costumes to their treat bags. This will make them easier to see when crossing the street. Ultimately, your goal should be to not only clearly light the way around you but also to make you and your group as visible as possible.
4. Be careful with masks.
Masks can interfere with your child’s ability to breathe and to see what is happening around them. Whenever possible, try painting their face instead since it is a lot safer.
5. Wear the right footwear.
Comfortable, sensible shoes are always the best choice, even if they aren’t the best fit for the costume. It is important that everyone can walk easily without tripping over their feet or getting blisters.
6. Make sure there are sidewalks where you are going.
Avoid taking a route without sidewalks. Anytime you need to cross the street, always cross at an adequately lit crosswalk.
7. Make sure everyone travels with others.
Staying in a group is important, no matter how old your children are. If you have an older child who wants to go off and do their own thing, make sure that they go with a group of responsible friends instead of on their own.
8. Make sure kids know not to go into anyone’s house.
Talk to your children about the dangers of entering a stranger’s home before you go out. Model safe behavior by politely turning down any invitations to go into your neighbors’ homes. Remind children that they should only trick-or-treat at houses that have their porch lights turned on.
9. Think about safety when designing Halloween costumes.
Any costumes should be short enough that kids won’t trip on them. Accessories like fake weapons or wands should be flexible so that they bend when they come into contact with the ground or with objects. Try using LED candles in your jack-o’-lanterns or luminaries since real flames from candles can pose a fire danger.

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