When Should I Take My Kid to The Orthodontist?

Our kids are our top priority and mean so much to us. As parents, we know it is our job to take care of our children and their needs, which also includes taking great care of their precious smiles! Whether this involves maintaining a daily brushing routine, attending regular dental visits, or even receiving orthodontia we want our children to have healthy mouths throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

Is there A Specific Age My Child Should See an Orthodontist?

It’s important to know that not every individual may need orthodontic treatment, but an initial consultation can really be a benefit to any child! For some, you may receive a referral for an orthodontist from your child’s dentist to receive a consultation. On the other hand, if you are concerned with your child’s teeth and may want them to get evaluated by an orthodontist prior to a referral this is certainly possible!

Most importantly, you should know that The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child should see an orthodontist no later than the age of 7 in order to evaluate and assess for any problems early on. Although, this does not necessarily mean that your child would get braces or orthodontic treatment at this age. It is more so to serve as an initial diagnosis to prepare for any future orthodontic treatment that may be needed.

Taking Your Child To the Orthodontist For the First Time:

When you take your child to the orthodontist for the first time, the office will look very similar to the dental office! More than likely, your child will receive dental X-rays of the mouth and teeth, which help the orthodontist see where teeth are positioned or whether or not teeth have come in yet.

Following any X-rays, your child may need impressions taken of their teeth, a gooey material that molds to the top and bottom of the teeth. Once the impression has hardened, it will be removed and there will be a perfect model of your child’s mouth. This model helps the orthodontist to decide which steps need to be taken in order to correct your child’s mouth. Additionally, the orthodontist will examine your child’s teeth, mouth and jaws to visually see if there are any concerns or orthodontic issues at hand. If any concerns or problems arise, it may be recommended that treatment be started in the near future or if more complex, treatment may need to begin immediately.

Looking for an Orthodontist?

If you are in the market for an orthodontist, Sims Orthodontics is where you’ll want to be! At Sims Orthodontics, we have patients of all ages and strive to make everyone feel comfortable in our office. Whether your child may need braces or would like to explore the benefits of Invisalign, we offer many different services at our office.

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