10 Cute & Creative Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 for Kids

10 Cute & Creative Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 for Kids

Planning a cute and a creative Christmas exchange gift for the kids can be pretty much exciting for both the sender and the receiver. If you’ve a limited budget, here’s a list of the best Christmas Gift ideas under $25 for the kids which are sure to make them feel the unconditional love and warmth of this festive season.

1. Interactive Plush Puppies

Send a sweet little surprise to your kid this Christmas that comes in a crate! As your child unwraps the crate, he or she discovers a sweet little pup to bond with. These interactive pets are sound controlled plush toys and listens to your child while they are playing and fondling. You can make it walk, bark and play just like you would do with a real pup.

Interactive Plush Puppies : Chistmas gift ideas

2. Personalized Santa Letters

Let your child believe that some wishes do come true! A personalized letter from Santa addressed to your child is a memory that he or she will cherish throughout. You can choose to send them handmade letters that have a backdrop of reindeer, Santa, Christmas tree, gifts, lanterns, snowmen and more. The elves would love to deliver these beautiful secret Santa letters to your child just at the right time!

Personalized Santa Letters : Chirstmas Gift Ideas

3. Book Journal

Everyone needs a Journal – whether it is to help them stay organized, or to express and pen down their experiences in life. You can also DIY and decorate the front and back jacket of the book journal with glitters, hand painting, stickers, ribbons and other decors to give it a personalized touch.  Journals can help in boosting your child’s emotional intelligence as well as become a really great DIY Christmas Decoration.

Book journal : Christmas Gift Ideas

4. Christmas Carols

If you’re trying to find out Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for kids, what can be a better idea than gifting them the true classics – a book of Christmas carols, or perhaps a collection of short stories or folklores from legendary writers such as Charles Dickens!

Christmas Carols : Best Chirstmas Gift Ideas

5. Box of Healthy Brownies

Cakes and Christmas go hand in hand and Christmas Brownies or those delicious classic fudges can be a great Christmas Gift Exchange option. Try something unique this year by baking healthy ‘Zucchini Brownies’ for the little ones. Don’t forget to decorate the brownie box with your creative skills.

6. Handmade Soaps

You may also create handmade DIY soaps that can be made using natural materials such as coconut oil, olive oil, beer, cocoa butter, beeswax and enchanting fragrances of essential oils. To tune up with the Christmas spirit, give these handmade soaps the shape of gingerbread, snowman, Santa, or perhaps a Christmas tree.

7. Fingerling Monkeys

The cute fingerling monkeys were at a high demand last year, and it seems that the kids aren’t bored with them yet! The interactive fingerling monkey hangs off on your finger and listens to all your child’s cues. They react to sound, touch and motion. You can also get these in other variants such as dinosaurs, unicorns, dragons and more.

8. Garden in a Bag

Nurture the gardening skills of the young ones by gifting them a bag of mini-garden where they can grow their very own basil, mint, tomato, parsley and various other herbs. These bags are self-sustained plant growing eco-systems that contain soil and nutrient rich growing mediums, drainage systems and provisions to plant seeds. All your little one would need to do is to add water daily and keep it under the sun to see tiny leaves sprout up in less than two weeks. Isn’t it one of the best Christmas Gift Ideas?

9. Hatchimals

Another popular throwback from the last year – “the Hatchimals” are of course one of the cutest collectibles that the kids can own! This time the makers have a more innovative version, the Hatchimals Crystal Canyon Secret Scene Playset that is priced under $25 and comes with an exclusive CollEGGtible.

10. Gourmet Chocolate

Who doesn’t wish for a sweet box of chocolates on the Christmas Day! While you are making a personalized Santa stocking to gift it to the kids, you can add a box or two of luxury gourmet chocolates in unique flavours such as mint, cheese, camel milk, hazelnut, praline and more!

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