All About Babies – Fashion, Clothes, and Care

All About Babies - Fashion, Clothes, and Care
Babies grow up to be free-thinking individuals but while they are under our care, we all want them to look cute, adorable and fashionable by our standards. Until they grow up and decide what they like to wear, babies do not know the difference but we parents do. For this reason, it is only normal that parents look for clothes that they think look good on their babies and toddlers – at least for the short time that their children do not have a say in the matter.   Diapers   Diapers are one of the first articles of baby clothing. They are also a necessity. Babies are constantly in need of a change of diapers to keep them dry and safe from diaper rash and from infections caused by bacteria.   Not so long ago, diapers were made from cotton and were washable. They were held in place by safety pins. Diapers are no longer just plain white triangular pieces of cloth. They are soft and comfortable for baby, and of the adjustable and self-adhesive variety, making them very user-friendly for Mom and anyone having to change a baby. The other great thing about them is that they are also disposable.   Diapers now come in prints of all sorts. They have animal prints, flowers, dots, lines, cars, the sun, moon and stars, hearts, kisses and a variety of sayings and colours. With so much choice, parents will buy diapers with the prints that they prefer – prints that make a statement for their babies. For example, a baby boy may have diapers with cars and truck prints on them while a baby girl may have them with flowers and hearts.   Washing Baby Clothes   Perfume-free, chemical-free and dye-free detergents are recommended for washing baby clothes so make sure that the detergent you choose is hypoallergenic. Many moms use 100% organic soap products.   Never bleach baby’s clothes. Bleach is too harsh on baby’s sensitive skin and can cause prickly rashes.   The first line of defence against stains is to begin by making a paste with the detergent or substance you are using and pre-treat the stain. Make sure to learn all about baby-friendly detergents and how to wash baby clothes.   Onsies   Onsies are the second piece of clothing babies need. Like with diapers, you can choose onsies in a variety of prints. They should be made of pure, soft cotton for baby’s delicate skin, be easy to maintain and durable. They can be short or long sleeved with a ring snap closure at the bottom that makes it practical when changing diapers. Most onsies now come with an envelope neckline. This makes it easier to dress and undress baby as it can be pulled down and avoids stretching the neckline over baby’s face, avoiding the possibility of accidentally hurting him. Onsies are machine washable in cold water and gentle cycle. They should be washed with clothes of similar colour.   Along with onsies, there are overalls, jumpsuits, bodysuits and rompers.   Shorts and Tops   On long hot summer days, everyone loves to see babies in their cutest, clean clothes. Nice fitting shorts and t-shirt tops make up a part of the cute baby clothes that you can dress your little toddler boy or girl in. Try a dinosaur print for him and a beautiful flower print for her. Choose a nice fabric such as cotton or denim.   Leggings   Another very comfortable to wear piece of clothing are leggings. These can be unisex and come in soft jersey cotton with elasticized waistbands. They can be loose fitting for both boys and girls but also skin tight and ¾ length or longer for girls. Leggings for girls are warm and comfortable to wear under shorts, skirts, dresses and even just with tops.   Dresses   Dresses are always interesting. They can be A-lined or have a wide skirt. They can be smocking-style, lace, open-shouldered and have frills. They can be covered in sequins that shimmer in the bright sunlight. Dresses can have pleats or be embroidered. They can have seams, shoulder straps, be long or short sleeved, tiered, knee length, 3/4 length, full length and have buttons or zippers at the back as well as pockets in front. Their skirts can be lined and have multiple layers that add fullness and sway elegantly in the warm summer breeze. Dresses may come with accessories such as pockets, bows, capes and belts. There is no shortage of imagination when choosing a dress for your cute baby girl. For those of you who love the matching Mother – Daughter look, there are plenty of beautiful, elegant matching dresses to be found.   Little Man Suits   You can find suits for your little man at any place you shop for baby clothes. Your baby boy can be dressed just as elegantly as his proud father. Baby boy suits may consist of a long or short sleeved shirt with pants, bow tie and vest too. If you prefer, instead of a vest, some suits have jackets with chest and side pockets. No matter which style you choose, your little man will always look adorable in a suit.   Sweaters, Coats and Snowsuits   For those of you living in cold climates, sweaters, coats and snowsuits are much-needed pieces of clothing. All will keep baby warm but snowsuits and coats should have an outer shell that is wind and water-resistant, preferably made from nylon, and down-filled.   Accessories for Baby   Baby accessories will complete the look you are going. These are hats, caps, bows, ties, hair bands, scarves, mittens and many more. Accessories are also articles that are practical in everyday life such as baby back-pack carriers, strollers and even teething rings.   You can find just about anything you like at Munchkins Boutique. Their baby and toddler clothes , accessories and toys are good quality and nicely priced. Check them out.  
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