Going Green: 8 Best Eco-friendly Gift Ideas For Kids

Going Green: 8 Best Eco-friendly Gift Ideas For Kids

As you may have probably seen countless times on the internet, animals die because they either unknowingly swallow and ingest plastic.  Plastic toys can be very bad for kids, especially in stages where they put everything in their mouths. The material that makes most of the soft plastic toys is PVC which can be very toxic to humans and the environment. 

If you’re planning to give a gift to your kid, niece, nephew, or someone’s kid, it’s probably best to provide them with something sustainable. There are so many Eco-friendly gift ideas for kids. If you’re planning to go down the green route, now is your chance to do so. Here are 8 eco-friendly gift ideas for kids:

Hand-me-down Books

This is perfect if you have old educational kids’ books lying around that are also in mint condition. Children at ages 6 or 7 should start learning to read, or even kids at earlier ages should get a head start on books. They will gain greater wisdom and knowledge and will also open their minds to new vocabulary.  

It can also help in the child’s brain development by strengthening their retention and focus. Children being exposed to reading can also help mold their communication and social skills. It will keep a child’s brain curious and feed their hungry minds. Not only that, you will be conserving waste by giving something you already have. 

Pre-owned Clothes

For fashion industries to process, assemble and bring about clothes, they ought to generate greenhouse gases. Gases such as N2O that are needed to create cheap synthetic fibers bring more danger than CO2. That is why giving baby clothes that your kids have probably grown out of will benefit the environment. 

With that, you can reduce the waste in the landfills and prevent them from getting more significant. And we all know how fast children grow, you’ll be surprised that the clothes you bought for them don’t fit anymore and so, buying mass-produced clothing will not only be impractical but will also not be friendly to the environment.

Sustainable Care Products

Now that we have companies lined up that sell sustainable products, it’s time to get the most out of them. There are companies out there that use little to no plastic. Their formulas are made from organic materials, and some are claiming that they only use natural sources and avoid using toxic and chemical elements. There are also products out there that offer baby-safe formulas and are BPA-free.

Knitted or Crocheted stuffed toys

What makes these handmade goodies unique is that you can customize them yourself. They are environmentally suitable as long as you use the right materials. You can add your touch to it or find different inspirations for your pattern on the internet, and your options are endless. It is also a fun and new experience, especially for people that aren’t that familiar with knitting or crocheting.

Art and Craft Supplies

For child development, arts and crafts should be a massive part of it. Their creativity peaks at age six, so it’s best to give them something to create their imagination into reality. 

Engaging children in art and crafts activities improves their hand and eye coordination. Through art, their self-expression can be developed and encouraged. Just make sure that you purchase tools that are toddler-friendly and eco-friendly. 

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are becoming popular these days because of their biodegradable nature. Various physical stores are selling them, but you can also find wooden toys online. Buying wooden toys is an excellent way to do your bit for the environment. 

By doing this, you can reduce the plastic waste that goes straight to our landfills. Compared to plastic toys, wooden ones are renewable resources. They’re also safe to use as wood has no toxic properties within them.

Organic Modeling Clay

Playing with clay can increase your child’s sensory development. It can be very therapeutic and encourage coordination and motor skills. It’s also a good alternative for gadgets, especially if you’re trying to cut your kids’ screen time. 

With that, you can lengthen their attention span and  improve their visual reflexes and concepts. However, it’s better to purchase modeling clays that are naturally made with the safest ingredients.

Fun Activities or Memberships

Giving kids memberships to museums and zoos is an excellent way to mark something memorable for their childhood. Bringing them to educational places will stimulate their curiosity. 

They will be exposed to many experiences and have many exciting things to learn. They also have the opportunity to interact and explore. It’s also a very environmentally friendly gift since you’ll only be giving them a membership to those attractions.


All of us should think of ways to help in conserving our resources and preserving our environment. No matter how small it may be, as long as you’re trying to adopt a sustainable life. We all have roles to play in restoring our home to how it was before and give our best efforts before it’s too late. 

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