Babies Holding Hands After A Month of Being Apart

NICU Story - Babies Holding Hands After A Month of Being Apart
As the founder of I don’t often write stories for the site, but after hearing about this one (and literally tearing up at these photos), I wanted to share this NICU story myself. These babies were born at 28 weeks, and this was the very first time that Lindsay was able to hold her babies at the same time after a MONTH of being in the NICU. More amazing than that is that these babies got to hold each other’s hands after being apart for a month. Babies Holding Hands After A Month of Being Apart See!!! I dare you not to tear up! These photos were also the last time she was able to hold them together, and the last time they were able to hold each other’s hands. You see, Lindsay gave birth August 2nd, and while one of her babies was able to go home after 54 days in the NICU – the other is still there. Today marks day 100. They were born weighing 2lbs 14oz and 2lbs 6oz . Immediately after birth one of her babies was only given a 50% chance of survival, but today she is doing well, and both babies are on the path to being in Moms arms together again soon. I couldn’t help but ask Lindsay how NICU life is treating her. She visits once or more a day, and she is also a very busy mom to a two year old. Her response was
NICU lifestyle was extremely difficult at first and now that we have made it this far I just want to be able to inspire other NICU mommas to know there is hope, and that every ounce gained and every breath taken is something to be happy about.
We hear a lot of NICU stories at More than we would like, but it is a common occurrence with twin pregnancies. A lot of people don’t realize that it is emotionally, and physically draining. In fact, I only know because of the huge number of NICU stories I have heard. I love that Lindsay is so positive on this journey. She wants to help other moms find their strength while managing NICU life. Lindsay, we wish you and your Warrior Princesses an amazing healthy life
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