Newborns: What You Should Know

Newborn: What You Should Know

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Going through pregnancy, monthly checkups, labor, then delivery is such an amazing journey. After nine months of waiting for your baby’s arrival, it’s truly such an amazing feeling to first take hold and feel your newborn body for the first time. This is one of the most special feelings anyone could feel here on earth. 

Finally, you’re ready to head home and start your life with your newborn. Feeling like you have no single idea if what you are doing is right or wrong is normal, and you shouldn’t panic. Apart from getting all your baby essentials, clothes, diapers, and more, you also have to prepare yourself for the whirlwind of changes that you will face. Every new parent goes through various life-changing events. 

Having a baby is one of the exciting things in life for every couple. The fun of welcoming your new bundle of joy could surely bring light to your home. As a parent, once your baby is delivered, they become your topmost priority. Caring for a newborn baby is not easy. But, don’t worry, we got you covered! So, we’ve listed some tips for new parents going through newborn care for the first time. 

Only Sleep After Your Baby Sleeps 

Looking after your baby when they are awake is as important as making sure they are okay even when they are asleep. In the first few weeks and months, make sure your body gets enough rest despite being under stress and going through the process of childbirth. Take advantage of nap times if you can. 

For some parents, it’s hard even to get a good long sleep when they have a new baby. At times, it almost seems impossible even to get a whole eight-hour sleep. One of the biggest factors contributing to the loss of Sleep of parents is putting their babies to sleep, especially during the night. 

As parents, you need to make sure that the temperature is just right for the baby. A room that is too warm to too cold may give a baby a hard time falling asleep. Also, make sure that the area is not too noisy. If these simple steps do not work for you, Baby Sleep Consultants can help give you advice and tips on how you could effectively put your baby to sleep fast and help you go through the process. 

Always Wash Your Hands 

Before handling your baby, make sure your hands are clean. Babies do not have a very tough immune system and are at risk for some infections. When you visit some friends and relatives, it may seem awkward, but asking them not to kiss your baby or hold without sanitizing could be a great help in making sure your baby grows healthy, safe from exposure to life-threatening germs, and make them happy. 

Use Only Mild and Unscented Products 

Babies may tend to have sensitive skins. Using products with high chemical content and fragrance could irritate the baby’s skin and result in unwanted health problems. When you’re bathing a baby, using mild and unscented products is a great way to clean their bodies- even the most delicate ones gently. 

Also, when you want to give a little fragrance to your baby, a hypoallergenic and mild one is the best choice. There are products that are safe for babies to use and do not contain any harmful ingredients like alcohol and parabens. 

Some fragrances could cause discomfort, rashes, dryness, and itchiness on a baby’s skin, so make sure you know the product before you use them on your babies. Stop using a product instantly and consult a doctor immediately when skin irritation occurs. 


Change Their Diapers Every After Bowel Movements 

Babies could poop or pee from time to time, even late at night. They cannot control their bowel movements, yet this is why diapers are really good to help. Whenever babies do any bowel movements, it’s best to clean them and change their diapers as soon as possible. If not, the baby might experience irritation and some diaper rash, which feels painful for some babies. 

In cleaning your baby after defecating, use only mild soap and water. Although some parents recommend using wipes if there’s no water, it’s not advisable to use them always as they could also cause some irritation. Applying a thick layer of diaper cream could also help your baby feel comfortable.


Having a newborn requires having long patience, hard work, dedication, and love. It may not always be a smooth sailing journey, but it will be worth it when you see your baby growing up healthy and happy. Knowing about the simple tips stated above could help make sure that you could make your babies feel loved and cared for. 

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