Diaper Changing Mistakes That Can Lead To Diaper Rash

Diaper Changing Mistakes That Can Lead To Diaper Rash

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It is common for babies to get diaper rash at some stage in their infancy, with an estimated one in three little ones having it at any given time. Though this may be true, there are steps you can take to minimize or prevent the uncomfortable condition. While no parent would deliberately do something to cause their baby discomfort, there are some easy-to-make errors that can trigger a rash and ruin your baby’s day. To help keep the peace in your household, here are six everyday diaper changing mistakes to avoid: 

Not Treating Diaper Rash Quickly Enough

Ideally, you want to whack some cream as soon as you spot the beginning of a red patch. Keep a tub of the best nappy rash cream on hand at all times. It is worth having a small tube for your handbag or diaper bag as well as one on the changing table. The quicker you can manage the situation, the easier it will be to resolve.

Soggy Baby Bottoms

Whether your baby has a damp bottom from wee or bath water, excess moisture can lead to rashes and discomfort. When you are changing their diaper, gently pat them dry. If possible, try to give them some nappy-free time roaming around the house or the backyard. The fresh air will do them wonders. However, you will need to watch out for incidents on the carpet!

Incorrect Sizing

Babies seem to expand overnight, making it tricky to track what size clothes and diapers they need. However, a diaper that is too tight will rub and could cause a nasty rash, so keep an eye on your bub’s rapidly growing tush. Some of the signs that they need to upsize include difficulty closing the tabs, marks around their upper legs, and leaks or explosions out the side.

The Brand

Disposable diapers use various chemicals to absorb moisture and keep the scent inside. These chemicals are the reason why your bub may be sensitive to a particular brand of diaper. If they are getting rashes regularly, no matter how frequently you change their duds, then you might need to experiment with different brands to find the right one for you.

Soaps and Baby Lotions

You most likely received baskets full of baby soap and lotion at your baby shower or when bub was born. While it is exceptionally thoughtful to give something useful, soap and lotion can strip the natural oil from your little one’s skin. Baby skin tends to be ultra-sensitive, so they often react to any perfumes or colorants included in the ingredients list. If you are using lotion, make sure it is fragrance-free and gentle.

Excessive Bath Time

Many babies love bathtime, and it is frequently part of families’ bedtime routine. But did you know that experts recommend that newborn babies only have a bath every few days rather than every day? If you are bathing your newborn daily, be extra careful not to use any soap or bath oil in the water. They aren’t exactly out playing in the dirt. Remember that they don’t need to be soaped up within an inch of their lives. A quick wipe down with a damp face washer is generally enough.

When quickly treated with an appropriate cream and careful care, a mild diaper rash should clear up in around three days. If the rash is getting worse, you might need to see your doctor to ensure there isn’t another issue at play.

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