Why every baby needs a dog in their life

Why every baby needs a dog in their life

Every child needs a cat or a dog. As a pet owner, you might have already heard of the numerous benefits of having a pet in your life. But little do you know that having a pet around when you are expecting a baby is even more fruitful. 

Having a pet animal there when your toddler steps into the home for the very first time could be the best decisions you can ever make. That is why most parenting plans include having a dog or cat before or after having children. 

In the following post, we are going to share the top importance of pet dogs in your family and why every baby needs a dog in their life. Let’s get started. 

1. Build Immune System

You might have already seen why many people ditch the idea of having pets around. They litter the house and bring dirt and undesired germs from outside. But studies show that having a pet animal might increase the chances of strong immunity. 

A study done by Finnish states, “Babies who grow up with pets are less likely to develop colds and other respiratory infections.” Such babies have a reduction of 30 percent chance in ear infection, fungal infection, and runny nose. So yes, they bring in the germs but the good ones too. 

2. Enhance Reading and Creative Skills

Every kid has a fear of being made fun of or become a subject of mockery in groups. And this could cultivate a stage fear which might go unrecognized. To overcome this uncanny habit, your children need someone who they can talk to without getting corrected. 

And the best buddy they can ask for is a pet. They are silent; they hear what you say and never correct you during any mispronounced word. That\’s why most people take the help of their pet animals as a daily motivator and support as a lifelong hope building. 

3. Improvise Social Skills

As your child might be an introvert or an extrovert, bringing them close to an animal gives them the freedom to explore. Owners can hang posters and images of their babies with family or pet animals. This way, you are engaging your new family member into self-learning and excelling in it. 

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Why every baby needs a dog in their life

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4. Offers Protection

Dogs are tagged as the best protector your baby could have, after yourself. They can alarm you or save your little one from any unknown character, who might be a threat to your family. Not only do they scare off the person, but they also ensure adequate safety. 

Thieves and robbers are less likely to strike your home if you have a dog. They are more threatened by such homes that have these barking living beings, for obvious reasons. So, it is a safer side if you have thought of adopting a pet animal for the place. 

5. They Teach Selflessness and How to Love Unconditionally

Many kids, from the initial phase, could learn the mastery of selfishness and boast about themselves. This is common at an early stage and is hard to tackle. Having a pet animal in their life could resolve these issues by teaching that “it is not about them.”

Children who had pets learn a lot faster the concept of unconditional love. As it is hard to learn from adults, they can easily correlate this concept to these animals. This is a great chance to learn values and ethics that are the hardest and crucial to learning. 

6. Children Will Learn How to be Responsible

Being around someone who depends upon your activities might be hard to expect. And it is very unlikely to experience it at an early stage. But studies show that having pets could actually make you more responsible and credible of your thoughts and actions. 

Additionally, having someone rely upon you might teach what it is like to have someone dependent upon yourself. Your child may have to feed them, clean them, brush them, and take good care of them. All of these qualities create a sense of empathy and respect for life. 

7. A Friend, Companion, and Faithful Relationship

Like any human being, having limited access to the people might inhibit boredom and feeling of less interest in communication in babies. They also need someone to play with, to get along with their mischiefs, and to have a friend who understands. 

Well, not thoroughly. But yes, infants love it if they have someone to experiment with or share their emotions and thoughts. This way, their basic information about the outer world would come more soon, and they could learn in a better way how to live with the best of themselves. 


Here are the top seven points that show the importance of dogs or any pet animal in your baby’s life and why they need to have one with them. Reluctant at first, every parent connects them as time passes by and brings new chapters in their life.

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