Why the 2018 PROSPR Planner is my new best friend

If you read my last PROSPR review, you’ll know how ridiculously excited I get over good planners, and how truly OBSESSED I was with PROSPR’s 2017 planner. I honestly never thought I’d get excited about another planner again (a little dramatic, I know)… until now. They’ve done it again.  Their 2018 planner is out and I feel like it was (yet again) made for me. There are new features that I didn’t even know I needed in my life. So, because sharing is caring, here’s why I will be carrying this baby with me wherever I go… First of all, the huge, fold-out vision board and mind-map space allows me to get the crazy, scrambled thoughts out of my head. Once I’ve word-vomited all over the page, I find it much easier to get organized. This feature is especially good if you’re more of a visual thinker like me.   I also adore the weekly and monthly recap section; it encourages you to take a second to reflect on everything you set out to do in that time period. I love that I’m holding myself accountable. It’s often too easy to brush things off and push them onto the next week, but knowing that my future-self will be checking up on me is definitely an incentive to finish the tasks I set out to do!   There’s even a ‘failures’ section. I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life”. But let me explain… I am a twin mom and a motivated entrepreneur, but I will hold my hands up and admit that I am still learning every day. There is such a stigma around making mistakes, especially as a parent. Failing isn’t a bad thing. Acknowledging what you did wrong will only prepare you to do it right next time. Next week is another opportunity to better yourself, and this section really encourages me to do so! There’s a page specifically for passwords! When you’ve got 101 things on your mind, remembering your every combination of username and password is something we could all definitely live without. If you’re like me, then the ‘incorrect username and password’ message will pop up numerous times a day. So this password section is my holy grail. The 2018 PROSPR Planner is bigger – so big that this time we’ve got tabs and bookmarks! There are pages and pages ready to take on your thoughts, ideas, actions, and goals, and with the tabs, it’s so easy to find the notes you made earlier. At the top of the weekly schedule is space to note down 3 priorities for every day. When I have a million things to do, this really helps me work out what’s truly important. I also love the fact that the planner encourages you to reward yourself. It comes with these super cute emoji and ‘awesome day’ stickers! Yes, it’s great to reflect on what can be improved, but congratulating yourself on what you did well is so important. We can often get caught up in the stress of a never-ending list – so these stickers are a fun way to let you sit back and enjoy the feeling of completing what you actually set out to do.   There’s even a pocket folder in the back which is so convenient for storing my new, super cute emoji stickers (remember what I was saying about priorities?)… Lastly, my absolute favorite part about this planner is the fact that it incorporates so many factors of my life – not just the work element. I can plan for my family time, my health, my fitness, and my overall lifestyle goals. Planning my life has really never been this fun!  
★★★★★ “On a spiritual level I know that 2018 is going to have some awesome things in store, and this planner is a fabulous tool to get my creative juices flowing, to slow down and gather my thoughts, to dream on a vision board and to just IMAGINE the blessings in store for the year ahead and beyond…” – Amazon Customer
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