5 Reasons I Vote YES to A Postpartum Girdle

5 Reasons I Vote YES to A Postpartum Girdle
Those of you who have been through a pregnancy already will know how much your body changes during pregnancy. Not only does it change your body during the pregnancy but the changes often linger around for a while after the pregnancy too. For those of you who haven’t been through a pregnancy yet; the changes are nothing to be scared of and can easily be turned around! If you’ve just delivered a baby or you’re still in the middle of your pregnancy you might want to invest in a postpartum girdle, otherwise known as a belly band. Here are five reasons to do so!
  1. Better form
You’ll probably have noticed that your spine is pulling forward during the pregnancy. Some of you have been so lucky to receive back rubs whenever you ask for one, others just have to be tough sometimes. After the pregnancy your spine won’t automatically return to its straight form. A postpartum girdle could help straighten your spine effortlessly. Of course, any exercises to help straighten it would also be welcome. I also suggest flat shoes to keep comfortable while you are in recovery
  1. Compresses your uterus
After the pregnancy your uterus will need to return to its normal size. A belly band can help make this process go quicker. Wearing a belly band will also help the swelling go down and allow any extra fluid your uterus may be holding to escape.
  1. Extra support for c-section mothers
When you deliver your baby through a c-section you’ll need to be stitched up again. Most people won’t have any problems with this but for some people it can quickly turn ugly. Some incisions tend to come apart afterwards. Now, you could rush back to the hospital to get it stitched up again but why go through the trouble when you can wear a postpartum girdle? By wearing a postpartum girdle the incision should hold a lot better and thus won’t come apart.
  1. Support for the abdominal muscles
During the delivery you have to use your abdominal muscles to push. After the delivery it can hurt to use your abdominal muscles and it could even happen that you’re not able to use them at all. A postpartum girdle can help support these muscles when you are still weak. It’s a bit like wearing a brace for your wrist, it lightens the load for your muscles letting you do the movement without hurting yourself.
  1. Get your body back within no-time
One of the downsides of pregnancy is that your body becomes bigger. There’s no way out of it, you will become fatter after your pregnancy than before your pregnancy. You could spend a lot of time in the gym to get the body back you once had but why go through all the effort when a belly band can help you get the same result? Simply wear the belly band for a few weeks after delivering for a maximum of eight weeks. You should be seeing results sooner rather than later.  
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