Proper Pregnancy Vitamins and Nutrients

Proper Pregnancy Vitamins and Nutrients

It probably comes as no surprise that during pregnancy, your body tends to have increased nutritional needs of Vitamins and Nutrients.

Whether you’re expecting twins or not, diet and overall health are just as important for baby as they are for mom. However, there are some key vitamins and general nutrients that are very important. If you are wondering what foods you are supposed to take that are ideal for them then you’ve come to the right place but first let’s get some basics out of the way.

When you’re expecting twins, you’re going to need to up your intake of healthy and nutritional foods as well as H2o. Not only do you want to ensure that you are meeting the caloric intake but you also want to ensure that you consume foods that have the right nutritional values.

So it is best to think about things in both quantity and quality. Here are 4 nutrients to consider in addition to your diet if you are expecting twins.


Calcium is not only important for bone health but also for developmental reasons. It is also one of those nutrients that we often overlook. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources out there to ramp up intake including the most popular ones like milk and dairy.

Like everything else for pregnant moms, it’s recommended generally that you should bump up your intake from the usual 1000mg/day to 1200 – 1400mg/day.


It’s recommended that pregnant moms consume 300 mg a day of magnesium since it helps in the development of the babies’ nervous system and also reduces the risk of premature labor. If you take cereals, you can add some almonds to it. If you did not know, nuts are renowned for the fact that they are a great source of magnesium. In addition to that, a quarter cup of almonds equals 98 mg of magnesium.


The richest source of choline is found in eggs. It is needed for the normal brain function as well as for the memory of your babies. Eggs are also very high in essential aminos and protein. You can try Omega-3 enhanced eggs which add additional benefits of fatty acids that help with brain development and vision. Eggs are also great because they’re very easy to mix up with other foods or cook different ways which makes things less boring. Remember, they can be a snack and are not only limited to breakfast!

Essential Fatty Acids

Brain development in the third trimester is one of the most important times for baby during pregnancy. There have been studies that show essential fatty acids and omega-3 can have a positive impact during this stage.

One of the easiest ways to get more of these omega-3s and fatty acids like DHA are through fatty foods…(the good kinds). These include things like avocados, nuts and fish. Obtaining these types of nutrients through real food is the best solution but if that’s not possible, there are plenty of supplements for moms out there.

The above points show the diet tips for moms expecting twins. For the better development and growth of your babies eat in the right way possible.

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