5 Tips to your New Life With Twins

5 Tips to your New Life With Twins
You might have been fans of Fred and George Weasley from the ‘Harry Potter’ saga or you might have had twin crushes on Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen from the days of ‘Two of a kind’. But how does it actually feel like to have twins around you? No matter how much you love your little one, raising them during the first few months is never an easy task. So, then you can well imagine the double trouble of raising two angels together! Needless to say, twins grow up to be an integral part of the family and the closest of their friends get confused every time the twins head out looking the same! Life with twins is actually a fun one, you can sit back and watch the two of your toddler growing up. Generally, twins also have a very cooperative nature owing to the fact that they have to share kinds of stuff with their twin sibling right from their first day on Earth! So, let us go through five important tips for leading your life with twins. You may be the parent or the best friend or even the twin sibling, we have tips for each one of you!  
  1. Perhaps the most difficult time you will ever spend in your life with the twins will be while raising them. So if you have been recently blessed with twin kids, you need to take notes of some life hacks to make the raising part a bit less troublesome. You must be able to tell your kids apart because of the connection already made in heaven! However, you need to mark their bottles, nappies and kinds of stuff that should be strictly personal for each of your babies. Let your babies use only the things that are assigned to them and not the one which is being used by the twin sibling.
  Whenever you are heading out, make sure to get the diaper bag fully stuffed. You may also keep a spare bag. You may not need to splurge a lot because there are two new members in your family as twins share a number of baby gears together, like the cribs, walkers, bath tubs and much more. Whenever you find that they are having trouble while moving in the same crib or cot, consider separating them. But it is always a good idea to buy single big furniture for the twins. It will not only save you money and space but also help them in bonding right from their early days.  
  1. A very important tip that will greatly reduce the trouble of raising twins is by sharing responsibilities. Do the chores in turn while the other parent rests. If you are a single parent, consider employing a nanny because otherwise, your dark circles are never going to abandon you anytime soon.
  1. Once the twins are all grown up and ready for school, try admitting them to the same school and enrol them in the same tuition classes if they share similar interests. If they study in the same school right from the beginning, chances are that they might end up in the same friend’s circle. This will further strengthen their bond because they will take a stand for each other in case of arguments and fights with the other friends.
  1. So, you are the best friend of both the twins? Never ever talk ill about one twin to another no matter how intimate you are with one of them! Even if one them is complaining about the other to you, try helping them in sorting out matters but do not give more reasons to complain because eventually they will patch up and you will surely not receive any support and in turn, get ready for the double spanking for that matter!
  1. Finally, you are reading this—the twin sibling! Life with your twin must have been pretty cool. You might be on friendly terms with your doppelganger, but if you are not getting on well, its time you start working on bridging the gap. People are always so interested to know how it feels to have a twin and when you have one, do not lose him/her. Whatever reason it is, try to sort out the matter. You might ask your parents for help if that is needed. Once you do that, suggesting outfits on each other’s dates will be one of the most fun things to do among all other things!
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