6 Tips for Raising Twins and Staying Sane

6 Tips for Staying Sane
Raising twins is no joke. Even if you happen to be the most experienced mom, keeping up with their napping, bedtime affairs, diets and nursing could leave your whole body working overtime. Your once peaceful and cute crib has now taken the real definition of an insane asylum. The once beautiful manicured walls with clean painting majestic wallpapers are painted with crayons not forgetting the yanked knobs. Although raising a pair is challenging, it does mean you have to go insane. Genuinely, expected from you is rapid thinking, a lot of relaxation and your typical parenting superpowers which will be enhanced by the six tips we’ve got for you.

Be Creative by Setting a Routine for the Twins 6 Tips for Raising Twins and Staying Sane

A smart parent raising twins should never ignore the magic of putting their babies on a schedule. A strict eating and sleeping schedule helps them to adapt to a certain routine. Once they adapt to their sleeping schedule, be sure they will follow it until they are old enough. While at it, make sure you feed and sleep them at the same time otherwise you could be up staying up day and night with the babies all over the place. A walk in the park once or twice a week also works great not only for the parent but for the twins in terms of relaxing. If you don’t end up with a proper routine, things can end up messed for you for instance fatigue and unrest.

Coffee… Coffee… and More Coffee

I don’t care if its a heaping cup of hot coffee or an amazing cold brew coffee, but you need your coffee to start your day to save your sanity.

Ask for Help

As the person who stays with your babies, there comes a time when you have no option other than asking for a hand. This is because, no matter how best you try, there is always that moment you will feel overwhelmed. Don’t compare yourself with a cousin who just got a kid and insist they have everything covered. Therefore, if a person offers to relieve you, accept the offer. Kids can be stubborn whenever outdoors with one refusing to board the car and the other one running in the opposite direction. If a friend or husband is around, request them to accompany you while heading for shopping. This allows you to have control over the kids. Additionally, if a relative offers to come for a sleepover, gladly accept the offer as it gives you free time for yourself.

Embrace your Kids as They Are

Raising Twins As a parent, to enhance the bonding with your kids, you have to initiate and sacrifice more of your time them. This is not always the case given that you may be busy. However, the time you get to sit with them, ensure you understand them personally. This way you get to know their character and appreciate it. If they are introverts or otherwise, appreciate that. Regardless of their identical look, the key is to treat according to their individual character.

Learn and Emulate Other Mothers

As earlier mentioned, never compare yourself with other parents. You may be wondering why your neighbor who gave birth to twins seems to be handling everything efficiently. As they say, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, someone is watering it. Copying them doesn’t necessarily mean you will be like them. Instead, you should try and connect with them to sneak some tips customize them to suit your kids.

Always Have a Stand

As kids grow up, they tend to develop some bit of aggressiveness which is a part of growing up. However, teach your kids that there is a time for everything and your no means no. Kids are smart, once they note a soft spot, they’ll want to push you into submission. For example, during breakfast, they may demand a whole packet of candy. If your in-house policy is breakfast first, ensure they take it first. Stay put with your decisions without being tough.

Take Breaks

Raising Twins and Staying Sane A study on mothers showed that twin mothers who endorse self-pampering have a better chance of keeping their physical and mental well-being intact. Irrespective of whether you have just given birth, take time to do what pleases you. If you feel good while working out, why not? One of the best ways to take breaks is getting some sleep. Most pediatricians also advise parents to take naps when the babies sleep. Short rests not only reduce depression but also helps you gather energy which can be used in the next task.

Final Take

Raising twins doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster to hell. It’s all about planning in advance and prioritizing. This way, you get to know what, when, and where to do a certain task without feeling overwhelmed. Needless to say that your kids will grow up and leave you alone as a parent to start their own life. Take good care of them and they will look after you in your sunset days. Author’s Bio: Dan Chabert – Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dan is an award-winning web lover and the Co-manager of several sites for your house needs and others. You can check these out That Sweet Gift, Borncute, Contractorculture and Runner Click. He is a travel Scholar at the same time a health Enthusiast.
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