5 Ways to Save Money on Your Child’s Birthday Party

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Child’s Birthday Party
If you are a doting mother of adorable kids, you throw a party for other kids on the birthday of your own little angels. Knowing how expensive everything needed for such a party has become these days, it is a good idea to know of smart ways to save your hard earned money. Here are top 5 ways to save money on your child’s next birthday.
  1. Plan next birthday on this birthday and start saving
Of course no parent likes to think of his budget when spending on gifts and decorations but it pays to plan early so as to be able to fork out $300-$400 on the birthday party you have in mind. If you save $30 every month, you have $360 in your kitty by the time next birthday of your child arrives. Imagine arranging $400 out of your pocket especially when the birthday falls at the end of a month.
  1. DIY decorations can save you a lot of money
Arranging the party decorations yourself is a sure way to save a lot of money on this account. You can buy the balloons, glitter, balls and other stuff at a grocery store or the super market. Of course it takes your imagination and the pictures on social sites like Pinterest to create the magic at the birthday party. You can take help of your own kids and their friends to do the decoration.
  1. Buy party favors in bulk
No birthday party is complete without distributing gifts to the kids coming over to attend the party. Kids love to receive these small and insignificant toys. You can save lots of money by buying these party favors in bulk rather than buying in retail and from different sources. Two trusted sources where you can buy party favors at discounted prices are as follows.
  1. Use songs and games for entertainment
You don’t need to hire a clown or a magician to keep kids entertained. You can get all of the kids together in a circle and play games or sing songs. It’s a great time to teach them Humpty Dumpty, and then of course there is the Happy Birthday Song
  1. Make food that is tasty yet affordable
Many parents spend a huge amount of money on arranging food stuff from famous food joints in their areas. You can cut down your spending on this account by preparing delicious and good looking food stuff at home.    
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