The 5 Most Annoying Moms on Facebook

Most Annoying Moms on Facebook
If you are part of any mom group on Facebook- or even just friends with moms who happen to be on Facebook– then you are familiar with every single one of these annoying moms. I would like this to serve as a PSA to you moms: Don’t be this Bitch. She is annoying AF. The Brag-a-saurus: “I have the best husband ever! He knows where to shop when I need a little love after a long day with the kids.” This mom is extra annoying, because she probably has no idea about designers or brands. She just wants you to give a f–k…and we don’t, so keep it moving. Most Annoying Moms on Facebook The Fisher of Compliments: “Ladies, I am 6 months post pregnancy, and I feel fat. Do you think I can pull this off?”        Bitch, please! Most Annoying Moms on Facebook The Over-Sharer: This Mom will post her break ups, and make ups over and over and over… and over. “You a–hole, you are never there for me or the kids, and you have walked out on us one too many times!” ummmm TMI. Keep that sh-t to yourself. Don’t you feel embarrassed that this is like the 8th time this year you have posted something like this?The Over-Sharer The Humblebrag: NOT to be confused with the Brag-a-saurus, the Humblebrag is pretending that she is not totally bragging, but she totally is. “Ladies, what do you think of this nail color?”…while she puts her bling on blast. Wow, look at those nails… I mean? The Humblebrag The  most annoying Facebook mom is- you guessed it… The Vaguebooker: “Pray for me. I just heard some horrible news, and I don’t know how much more I can take… blah blah blah.” Nothing screams “dying for attention” more than someone who wants to half-dish what is going on in her life. I hate this Mom extra.The Vaguebooker
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