Is Flying With Twins Really That Bad?

Is Flying With Twins Really That Bad?
This article is a re-post from Once you become parents, taking a trip anywhere is a job in and of itself. It doesn’t matter if you are leaving for 2 days or 2 weeks, you feel like you have to pack up your entire house to ensure a peaceful journey and stay.  Add a second baby to the mix and you might wonder if it is even worth it?

It is worth it?

My answer is yes it is. My twins have been flying since they were 5 ½ months old, and now into their toddler years, are seasoned professionals. We are constantly being complimented on how well they do on a plane, and it is with great pride, in myself, and them, I say thank you. It certainly is a lot of work flying with twins. And there are windows of age when it is easier than others, but as I always say to parents expecting multiples, don’t let having twins stop you from doing things, you might just have to do it a bit different.

Flying with Twins Under A Year

The trickiest part of this age is figuring out their feeding schedule whilst traveling, especially if you have a long flight. Work out how many feedings they will need from upon arrival to the airport to arrival to wherever you’re staying.  If bottle-fed, we usually brought 1-2 bottles per baby and I just washed them out at the airport or on the plane. If breastfed, feed one at a time. Move Baby A’s feed up by 15 minutes so their schedule isn’t too far off. Always print FAA guidelines for carrying on breast milk or formula. Agents are not familiar with how much you can carry on. Use either baby carriers or umbrella stroller through the airport. Always have a blanket to put on the floor of the airport so they can stretch out before the flight. Remember – if lap infants you cannot sit all together in one row. Book aisle seats next to each other. And each parent has a diaper bag for their own baby.

Flying with Twins Age 1-2

I found this to be the hardest age to fly. They are not really capable of plane activities and sitting still is no fun. Once they are walking or trying to walk, that is all they want to do. Be prepared to walk up and down the aisle a lot. Download your favorite baby videos for them to watch. Pack books they can look through on their own. As well as some of their favorite small toys Use snacks as an activity. I would pack a lot of Happy Puffs, pouches and crackers. Each parent should still have their own diaper bag per baby.

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Flying With Twins Age 2-3

This is when it begins to get easier. They can partake in activities and sit for an extended time watching a show or movie. The hardest part of this age is when they are newly potty trained. I would try not to travel within 6 months of potty training. If it is a long flight, put a pull up on them and tell them it is special airplane underwear. Because if the seatbelt light is on and they have to go you want to be covered!

Flying With Twins Age 3+

Smooth sailing from here! They can usually walk through the airport or use an umbrella stroller. Pack lots of snacks and enjoy a few pages of the book you brought. Usually the biggest problem I have is who gets the window seat. One gets it one way, and the other on our return flight.

General Tips

Some general tips: Always borrow gear from friends or family, or rent as much as you can from your destination. The less you have to travel with the better. Let go of some of your “home” rules. Let them watch tv, or play on an ipad. Let them eat more snacks than usual, just not sugar, you don’t want two wildlings on a plane! Let them wander the aisles a bit. Pack some surprises. A new toy or book is a great distraction mid-flight. I always encourage families of multiples to travel. You might not be flying overseas, but visit family or take a vacation. The flight is worth the memories you will make as a family!

About the author

Kate DiRienzo-Payne, TLC’s LA Associate, has lived in Los Angeles for over 14 years. Living so far from her family in Boston meant she and her husband were going to be traveling the road to twins without the close-by support of their families. Kate set out on learning everything there is to know about twins – classes, pregnancy books, testing products to speaking with other twin moms for advice. Along with raising two happy, healthy, adventurous twin boys, she is focused on helping other twin moms in the Los Angeles area giving each other the personalised support they need. You can also follow her journey at Please contact for more information on our LA services.
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