7 Things to Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Child’s Bathroom

7 Things to Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Child's Bathroom
It is important for kids to learn their hygiene rituals as early as possible so that they stick to the same throughout their life. This makes teaching them bathroom etiquette one huge responsibility for parents. To encourage children for the same, many parents resort to redecorating bathrooms. So, let’s look into some great ideas which will help you figure the best design while renovating bathroom and is also utilitarian at the same time.
  1. Wall colors
There is plenty of research that point out that children are really attracted to different shades and will work positively in a colorful environment. Feel free to experiment with bright and mild colors, rather than sticking to dull and darker tones for the paint on the walls. Another great alternative would be to paint the child’s favorite character and corresponding theme for an even attractive ambience.
  1. Functionality
While redesigning, it is important to keep in mind the child’s stature and arrange everything according to it. Cabinets which can be easily reached and opened are the main feature to be looked into. For those places which are a little harder to reach, add a temporary step or two, which can later be removed as the child grows. Themed stools which complement the design can also be used for greater accessibility.
  1. Minimal designing
Children usually grow up really fast and will want a change in their bathroom design. Keeping that in mind, go for minimalistic design changes which can easily be changed. Rather than going for elaborate and expensive changes that will take a lot of time and money. The best away to approach this would be to go for themed designs with a specific color combination and add some accessories which complement the said theme.
  1. Accessorizing
A bathroom with no proper accessories which interest and catch the eye of the kid is really incomplete. One idea for colorful and cute accessorizing is to include a fluffy towel collection. Random pictures which maybe of the kid’s achievements or their favorite activity can also be hung on a wall. Rubber duck and other similar toys can be used during bath time can be chosen according to the child’s interest and with the help from places like Home Spa Select. A small plant may also be maintained in one corner to pique their interest.
  1. Safety considerations
While remodeling the bathroom, it is important to ensure the utmost safety of the child and remove any lapses that may have existed before, as children are quite prone to slip-ups in it. Laying mats which dry the floor clean of any water, a major cause of falls is a primary detail to be given attention to. Remember to separate medicines from the usual toiletries and keep those drugs in a harder to reach cabinet with child-proof locks. Further ensure that the door can be opened from outside, if the child is ever locked in while also putting up faucet covers. Consider also getting a kid-height toilet such as a saniflo toilet system. This fixture does not have to be installed based on standard pipe structure. This allows you to position the toilet at a kid-friendly height, allowing them to use the toilet on their own.
  1. Avoid cluttering
An important aspect to be taken into consideration is to avoid too many items and excessive bright colors all together, as they may cause the area to look too busy. This can reduce the child’s ability to concentrate on any single activity as they will always be distracted by the multitude of things to look into. Arrange items so that they look organized and do not buy and put up that goes with the theme of the bathroom.
  1. Inclusion
It is really important that the child is included during the whole process of renovating bathroom as they are the ones who will finally enjoy it all. Taking their opinion may require a lot of patience, but it is worth the effort as you can build up their excitement and also let them choose over things like polka dots, lines and dashes. This makes remodeling much more fun and easier. Renovating a child’s bathroom is quite a task indeed, but it is all about keeping bath time fun. But with tons of ideas and designs to experiment with, it turns into an exciting family task which will remain a beautiful memory.  
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