Moving Home With Young Children: Easing The Process

Moving Home With Young Children: Easing The Process
Moving Home With Young Children Young children are well-known for their wonder and curiosity, which will make moving home an adventure. This will help your children to cope with having to move away from a place that they are so familiar with. You are able to add to the excitement and adventure in the way in which you communicate this move with them. This needs to be done as early as you possibly can. Here are 10 tips to ease the moving process with young children.

1. Introduce Your Kids To The New Home

If possible, try and plan a visit to the new home. If this is not a possibility, you may want to consider an online tour that will get your children excited about the new house. You will want to highlight the positive aspects about the new neighborhood along with any fun places in the area that you can take them to. Also include taking them for a visit or showing them the new school they will be attending, making sure to highlight the possibility of new friends.

2. Take Your Children To The School

If your move involves a new school for your kids, if possible plan your move around the school vacations. You may be presented with an opportunity to allow your child or children to participate in arranged summer activities that the school hosts. This will give your kids a chance to meet a few of their classmates before school starts.

3. Share Your Own Positive Stories

Share with your kids all the positive things that occurred through your last move, including the fun parts and the positive things that came about due to moving homes. Positive Stories - Moving Home With Young Children

4. The First Night Box

Let your children decide on or pack, their own “first night” box. This box should contain all the essentials that will help your children feel comforted with things that they are familiar with. You should also include a few treats and things that will keep them stimulated or occupied on the day of the move.

5. Let Your Children Get Involved

Fun activities for the kids can also include allowing them to write on or decorate their bedroom boxes. Make sure you keep their favorite games or toys out, so they can be packed in the “open me” first box.

6. Allow Your Children To Say Goodbye

It might be helpful to throw a goodbye party for your old home and your kids friends, especially when the move to another home is far away. If you have the time, you may want to organize a scrapbook for the kids that contains happy photos, along with contact details like skype addresses, addresses and phone numbers of their friends. For the children that are unable to attend the farewell, arrange a social-network page that will allow their friends to post farewell messages. Say Goodbye to all old friends - Moving Home With Young Children

7. Make Sure Your Children Are Safe On The Day Of The Move

Arrange to take your kids to a trusted babysitter on the day of the move to keep them safe. This will keep them out of the way of the moving company and all the goings on. This will also ensure that they don’t see you getting stressed out on the moving day.

8. Make Sure The First Night Is Fun

Instead of jumping straight into unpacking your entire home as soon as you are in, unpack your kid’s bedrooms 1st to ensure they feel safe and comfortable, with things they are familiar with. This will ease the transition into the new home. You might also want to arrange to order their favorite take-away for dinner and even play a game or two. If the beds and the furniture hasn’t arrived yet, turn one of the rooms into an exciting camping adventure. This is the type of memory they will remember forever. Make first night fun

9. Music Helps To Make Memories

Creating your own soundtrack for the day of the move and the 1st night in the new home,can assist in relaxing your kids, especially if you include some of their favorite songs. Play the music in your car on the ride to the new house as well as in the makeshift campsite you have created on the 1st night.

10. How To Avoid Relocation Anxiety Or Depression

When your children start to miss the things they have come to love, they might start pining for the old home and their old bedroom. To avoid this problem, make sure you unpack their favorite things along with familiar bedding and curtains to make the room a lot more familiar and comfortable. You may want to use a night light along with an extension cable when needed.
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