How to Use Rugs When Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

How to Use Rugs When Decorating a Child’s Bedroom
You can use rugs in multiple ways to decorate your kid’s bedroom. These days, when bunk beds are becoming more common, you need to take into account the possibility that at least two kids might occupy the bedroom and decorate it accordingly. We will now share a few tips which will help you while decorating your child’s bedroom considering multiple occupants.

1. Go vertical:

If you have a bunk bed for your kids in the bedroom, it is better to hang the rug vertically on the wall. You can do so on the wall opposite to the bunk beds. It will break the monotony and allow you to rejuvenate the room decor. You will not have to worry about opting for any expensive pieces of decoration. Any medium-sized rug would do.

2. In between the beds:

If you’re not using the bunk beds for your kids but rather two single beds, it is always preferable to place a rug between those beds. It will complement the symmetrical beds and complete the bedroom look for you. Once you do so, you can opt for the minimalistic interiors for the rest of the bedroom. You can get the bedroom designed appropriately in a smaller budget.

3. Wall-to-wall:

If you want to give a classy look to the entire bedroom with the help of rugs, the wall-to-wall rug is the perfect option for you. When you compare the cost of the same with the carpet, the rug costs less. It means that you can decorate your entire bedroom in a minimal budget. Carpets are mostly available in solid colors. If you opt for any with intricate designs, they are pretty expensive. Rugs, on the other hand, are available in a wide variety of designs. It means that you can quickly get a unique design without any problem. With the help of wall-to-wall rugs, it is effortless to change the entire look of the floor without having to spend a lot of money.

4. Mix match:

One of the best ways to use rugs to decorate your bedroom is to opt for multiple rugs. The decor type which we are discussing now is only suitable if the size of the bedroom is large. If it is a small bedroom, you should not use multiple rugs. While choosing multiple rugs, there are a few tips which you have to keep in mind. These include: • The rugs should complement each other. • They should either be matching the decor of the room or should be in contrast to it. • The size of the rugs should be approximately the same. • You can use two different rugs easily. When you follow these few tips, it is easy to find the rugs which complement each other. These will allow you to break the monotony of the home quite easily. You have to make sure that the rugs which you choose for your kid’s bedroom are easily visible. Once you do that, it becomes easy to create an additional focal point. So, when you plan on using rugs to decorate your child’s bedroom, it is crucial to opt for any of these four options. When you choose any of these four options, it becomes relatively easy for you to give the bedroom an entirely new look. With the help of a focal point, it will be easy to get an altogether new look. Moreover, since most of the rugs are pretty affordable, you will not have to spend a significant amount of money either. To find out more about the considerations to make when buying a rug, see the infographic below from Decorating a Child’s Bedroom
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