The Gift of a Personalized Books for TWINS!

I got super excited when I found a book that could be personalized for my girls.

Personalized books are not TOO difficult to find, but ones that are specific to twins are VERY difficult to find.

When I was contacted by someone at the first thing I asked was “do you have a personalized book for twins, or will our audience be expected to have to buy one for each kid?” To my complete surprise- they have a twin option. You can actually find several books that are catered to twins, so you don’t have to buy two! Woot woot


Here is the thing… I know that our twins are two separate people and should be treated as such, BUT I don’t have two separate incomes to accommodate that mentality. I think a really great personalized book that they can cherish (together) is a great gift.


The book that I got was SUPER sweet, because it allowed me to add other people into the book that we consider family. So the book is fun for other people to read with my girls.


For example: This is Grandma reading our personalized book to Emma and Ellie. The book is called “Who Loves Emma and Ellie?”
When she got to the page that says “Grandma Lucy Loves Emma and Ellie,” She was completely flattered that she was ALSO part of our story.


We did the same thing with Grandpa. We let him read to the girls and he was surprised when he got to the page that said “Grandpa Francis Loves and Emma and Ellie.”


We also got to include Emma and Ellies aunts and uncles. So they will all get to read and love this book together.


I just love the idea, and wanted to share.

Our audience gets a coupon for 10% off by using coupon code: TWINMOM10 (coupon expires 2/15)

You can visit their home page here, or find their twin specific books here






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