Home Remedies to Shrinking Your Tummy After A Csection

For a period of over 40 weeks you have bravely endured the journey of bringing life to this world. You are ecstatic about it but your midsection kind of puts damper on the celebration, you still look like you are six months pregnant.

Most women have extra fat around their midsection after childbirth. This is caused by the increasing size of the uterus as your baby grows. There is also the nightmare of stretch marks which endure long after the fat is gone.

Do I have to wait long for my belly to go back to normal?

For most women, it takes time for the belly to go back to normal. It may take up to nine months for it to tighten back. The stretch marks and the dark line on the abdomen will take about a year to fade but won’t disappear completely. If you are a new mom, and are looking to get your tone tummy back, here are some home remedies to reduce tummy that work.

Home Remedies to Reduce Tummy

Some natural methods have been proven to get rid of post-baby belly. This works even for moms who delivered through a C Section. Read and discover tips to beat that pooch for good.

Hydrate Your Body

Water is a must-have beverage for all breastfeeding moms because it not only helps in producing milk but also in fighting belly fat. Take at least a glass every hour and this will keep you from snacking when you are not hungry.

You can nosh on fruits like melon that have high water content.


When you are breastfeeding, you burn calories to make milk. A recent scientific research found that breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories every day. Eat nutritional food to boost your milk production. Aim for whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal. Avoid fatty foods.

Apples and Green Tea

Apples contain pectin which effectively burns belly fat. Green tea will boost your metabolism and burn the accumulated fat faster. These methods have been proven to work but there is something else you can incorporate in your routine for faster results

Postpartum Exercises

About eight weeks after childbirth you can start to incorporate some exercises for faster results. Here are some exercises you can do

Stroller Workouts

When you are able to walk around, put your baby in a stroller and take a walk to a nearby park. This will help you exercise your muscles gently and help you lose belly fat. Take the walk at least three times a week for faster results. Start as soon as your doctor gives you clearance.

Aerobic Exercises

Three months after giving birth you can intensify your exercise routine. Include activities such as swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, yoga stretches, and dancing lessons.

Stomach Crunches

To get your pre-baby bell you will need to do some abdominal crunches. You can do these types of crunches: basic crunch, side crunch, twist crunch, reverse crunch, and cable crunch. Choose one that best suits your body and workout space. Do abdominal crunches at least four times a week for 30 minutes.

Yoga and Pilates

Pilate exercises are a great way to reduce that baby pooch. It is a faster and effective method to strengthen your core. Make sure your instructor is qualified and has previously worked with new moms. This ensures that you only practice safe exercises that are suitable for new moms.

Yoga positions will help you stretch your abdominal muscles.

The above home remedies to reduce tummy have worked for millions of new moms. It is possible to get rid of the stubborn fat in your midsection, however, keep in mind that it will take time. During the 40 or so weeks, your baby grew inside of you, your body gradually changed and took on more weight and it will take this same amount of time or more to get back to normal.

Give yourself ample time to heal. Watch what you eat, take plenty of water, and keep a food journal. Avoid frizzy drinks, alcohol, and sugary foods. Include your baby in your exercise routine so that you don’t have to rush or cram your routine to when he sleeps. Make sure you only do exercises that are recommended by a professional instructor. As you work towards your goal engage with other new moms for the much-needed support system.


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