Tummy Tuck Recovery Checklist

Tummy Tuck Recovery Checklist

Here is a checklist to reference before your tummy tuck

Most of these items click directly to Amazon for anyone who prefers to buy things online (like myself), but you can find most of these things at Costco, Walmart or Target

Power Lift Recliner

Long phone charger cord

Toilet riser

Walker (I underestimated the importance of a walker until I had surgery and prayed someone would bring me one)

Bathing Wet wipes

Gentle Stool Softener

Juven wound healing drink

Protein shakes

Antibacterial soap

Hand Sanitizer

Dry Shampoo

Bed liners

Drain pouch

Compression socks

Arnicare gel for pain relief

Heating pad

Ice packs


Entertainment (Books, movies, Ipad)


Doctors contact info

Scar Treatment After Recovery

Silicone Tape

Concha Nacar De Perlop Cream

Bio Oil

If there are any “Must have’s” that should be added to the tummy tuck recovery check list please email info@twinmom.com or contact us here.

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