How to Figure out When you are Ovulating

Mary Jane Minkin, MD LLC Uncovers the Ovulation Window, Period!


Many women are confused about menstruation, when they¹re most likely to conceive and how to maintain good feminine health all month long.

Your cycle begins on the first day of your period, and the next 27-days revolve around the possibility of getting pregnant. Menstruation serves as a detox to dispose of old uterine lining and make way for the next cycle. Cramps are the uterus contracting to gently push the lining out, says Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yale University School of Medicine and author of A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Health , when TTC, understanding the cycle can mean the difference between conception and frustration.²

Here’s a good rule of thumb:

Day 2-10: The first three days of your period are the heaviest days of bleeding which can cause the vaginal pH of 4.5 to increase beyond the normal range because the pH of blood is higher at 7.4 which can lead to a funky odor and other issues.  RepHresh Gel can be used to maintain the normal pH balance and eliminate odor for 3-days.

By Day 7 and 8 your period should be almost gone.

Day 11-16: If getting pregnant is your goal, now is the optimal time to kick-start your efforts as you’re probably close to ovulating.  If you’re thinking about getting pregnant; it’s really good to have folic acid on board before conception, so start taking First Response Reproductive Health Multivitamin Gummies to provide essential nutrients women need. Remember, if you need a lubricant, use Pre-Seed, which is the best studied lubricant to help with sperm motility.   If you¹re not TTC, don’t forget to use protection during these prime baby-making days.

Day 17-24: The lining of the uterus is getting thicker and if the egg and sperm have successfully met, it will soon lodge itself. The end of your cycle is near, and you may begin experiencing some PMS symptoms if you aren¹t pregnant as estrogen peaks around day 21or 22.

If you think you might be pregnant, try new First Response Pregnancy Pro Digital Pregnancy Test with app access around day 23 or 24. It¹s the first Bluetooth enabled pregnancy test that connects to your mobile app. The app walks you through the testing process and then provides a personalized action plan and next steps throughout your pregnancy journey.

Day 25-28:  If you’re not pregnant, your PMS symptoms will be in full force as your cycle comes to a close and gets ready for Aunt Flo again.

RepHresh introduced 2 new feminine washes that can be used daily to provide freshness and odor protection for up to 24-hours: RepHresh Active Fresh Wash and RepHresh Soothing Wash, the only intimate wash that has Probiotic Cranberry Complex for soothing relief and comfort.

By knowing your ovulation cycle, you can discover your fertile time by using an over the counter ovulation test like the First Response Ovulation Test. It provides a clear “yes+” or “no-,” and removes the guesswork so you’ll know exactly when to try, adds Minkin. Remember to keep a healthy, well-balanced diet, practice stress relief, keep pH balanced and make note of your cycle and its symptoms so you can discuss concerns with your doc.


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