How to Prevent Your Child from Being Bullied

How to Prevent Your Child from Being Bullied
Prevent Your Child from Being Bullied

Over 3.2 million students get bullied every year. Bullying is basically a form of emotional and physical abuse. It also comes in all shapes and sizes really. The challenge is that more often than not, you won’t know when your kid is being bullied.

In some cases, your kid might actually be bullying other kids as well. Its important to prevent bullying on both ends.

1. Build Confidence

Often times bullies are naturally attracted to easy “prey.” If your child is not confident then its easier for a bully to capitalize on that. Make sure your child always feels empowered. Make sure they know that they are valuable as humans. Some things that help are specific books or even self-empowerment classes

2. Discuss Bullying With Your Children

This is important because a child might not even be able to recognize what bullying is if they don’t know what to look for. Inform them what bullying is and how can they avoid it. Its also important that your child feels comfortable having a conversation with you and trusts that they can go to you.  

3. Stay Involved With Your Child’s Activities 

Be present at all (or as many as possible) of your child’s activities. Keep track of who they visit, what they do and where they go. Establish a rule of keeping no secrets from each other and be patient with them if they show any signs of depression or anxiety. Let them know you are fully supporting them and will do everything in your power to help them

4. Stay Connected With Your Child’s Social Media Accounts  

Social media is a breeding ground for bullies. Children and even adults endure the wrath of internet trolls. It is important to keep track of your child’s social media accounts and see who their friends are as well as their “enemies.” Here are apps that help you unlock your child’s phone, or even track your child for safety.

There is no sure way to protect your child unless you keep them in a bubble, but being vigilant is one of the most important steps to trying,

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