How to Tell Twins Apart Easily

How to Tell Twins Apart Easily

New parents of identical twins have had this question cross their minds at least once – what if I mix up my twins?

Of course, as your twins grow up, you start noticing unique quirks, and little differences in their faces and in time, you probably won’t have any trouble telling them apart at all. But in those newborn days, when their faces are still so new to you, and you are barely functioning without sleep – hmmm, I wouldn’t put it past anyone to be just a little confused!

Also, legend has it that some parents have committed this grave error, so we have come up with a few ways that you can avoid making the same mistake

1. Their Clothes 

Clothes - How to Tell Twins Apart Easily

Above twin onesies from

This requires some preparation, and also restraint on your part not to buy sets of identical outfits for your twins, but twin onesies that come in different , or have different text on them, are a fun and easy way to tell your twins apart!

2. Their Hair Hair/ Hair Styles - How to Tell Twins Apart Easily

Give them entirely different hairstyles, so that you can tell who’s who! Make sure that you don’t get confused during shower time, though!

3. Simple Pen and or Marker

We’ve read about this method of writing names on diapers, and included it because it seems so popular, but in all honesty, it’s hard to get behind this, especially when you think about how many diapers you will need to write on!

We would strongly recommend grabbing a non-toxic marker or nail polish, and after making sure your babies are not allergic, marking a big toe, or somewhere inconspicuous!

4. Birthmarks

Identical twins may be nearly 100% identical, but they sometimes have unique birthmarks or moles. Spend some time to really look through every inch of their bodies to find anything at all, that makes them distinguishable!

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