How UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer Can Make Your Life Easier

UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Babies like warm milk and will go through many bottles in one day. Sterilizing their bottles or bottle parts will keep your small one from ingesting any bacteria that might have built up in the bottle. And not to mention, suppose your baby is sick, it’s a good idea for sterilizing their bottles and clean out germs, which might have accumulated. The UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer will take all germs out of the bottle.

UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

The traditional sterilizers generally work by using the hot steam to clean baby bottles efficiently. Most of the traditional sterilizers are electric. There are units that are used in the microwave for sterilizing baby bottles. Amount and time of water required to create steam differ from one unit to another; however, they all need water to get measured precisely.

One more way to sterilize these bottles is to boil the water on the stove; however, this method is quite tedious and takes a little time as you should wait for the water to boil. Sterilizers have actually come a very long way from steam. Now, there are the UV sterilizers, which use ultraviolet light for killing out bacteria, viruses, and mold. The bottle sterilizers using ultraviolet light are used in the hospitals for keeping the bottles or instruments sanitary. Lots of UV sterilizers available can sterilize toys and other household products as well. It’s very convenient to sterilize stuff after your baby has been sick and some toys have to be very deep cleaned as they are extra-loved.

Highly Portable

The new way of sterilizing your baby bottles is UV bottle sterilizer. They are highly portable and can be carried wherever you want to travel.

Best While Traveling

Unlike other options that are available in the market, the UV sterilizers make use of ultraviolet light, and not steam, for killing out any germs or bacteria. They are the best choice of option when it comes to traveling with your baby. Without any need for the mains power (directly or with microwave) these UV sterilizers are very good not only for traveling but also for your home use.

Small and Lightweight

By far the highly portable UV bottle sterilizers are very small and lightweight. As they are quite small they may often need you to dismantle this bottle and sterilize every part independently, and only sterilize nipple of a bottle.

Comes in Amazing Design

They are available in a wide range of choice to select from and all lovely colors!!! So, you are open to many choices to choose from!

Highly Spacious

UV baby bottle sterilizer is very spacious and manages to fit in neatly! You can sterilize almost everything that you want right from the breast pump parts or bottles daily. That is just awesome as now you do not need to find any other space to dry or store your sterilized bottles.


This is quite a unique technology of UV baby bottle sterilization models, some have got the built in that can be easily downloaded and also controlled well. It can be connected through Bluetooth and really makes life easier.

Let us take a close look at some pros and cons of UV baby bottle sterilization:


  • UV baby bottle sterilizers are well rated and cheaper than other electric options.
  • They are very lightweight, compact and small making them the best option for travel.


  • You can only sterilize the nipple of a bottle or to sterilize bottle in parts.
  • Somewhat time-consuming (around 10 minutes approx.).

Do I need to use the sterilizer?

Obviously YES! Lots of parents look to wash their baby bottles in a traditional way – in the bucket with the hot soapy water. Even though the majority of the time it is very safe, there are many reasons why the sterilizer is beneficial. For the starters, to wash in the soapy water needs the special kind of detergent, which is very effective and not harmful for your baby? Even then, you are needed to wash these bottles completely wasting water when you go. The benefit of the sterilizer is they make use of very little or no water. You save yourself from the worry to have soap suds stuck on your baby bottles.

Final Words

One more thing you need to consider is the number of baby bottles that are being washed. For many parents, it is not only 1 or 2 but much more. It is very time-consuming to clean each one using the small sterilizers, so you can even opt for big ones with which you can sterilize the whole bottle easily without much time!

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